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Posted By: Cara
25-Aug-99 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: Favorite pubs - tell us about yours
Subject: RE: Favorite pubs - tell us about yours
I should say that my favorite pub is the one I used to work at, Murphy's, but I don't know if that's tue. For me, it's great, because I know everyone there, including the entertainers. But, I'm not sure how enjoyable it would be for someone just passing through (depending on who's playing). Truthfully, it can be just too damn bright in there. But with the right mix of people singing along, and no requests for the "Unicorn Song", it can be great fun for everyone. (It's always great fun for me..."Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name" and whatnot). And it stands alone as one of the few drinking establishments that I can go alone and not be bothered. That's priceless.

The pub I tell people to go to if they're looking for a good time is Nanny O'Brien's. That's the one that the Irish expats go to when they're looking for a bit of home. It's great in there; all dark, and covered with Irish road signs and mementoes of famous folk who have passed through. The great majority of their regular musicians are superb too. They used to have trad sessions in the back room, but I think it might just be a Sundays in winter thing. Same with set dancing. And of course, they pour a good pint. So good I may have to have one this evening in fact....