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Posted By: Mark Clark
11-Dec-03 - 03:22 PM
Thread Name: The Evolution of Country Fingerpicking
Subject: RE: The Evolution of Country Fingerpicking
Western Kentucky University hosts the Kentucky FolkWeb site that includes an article on “That Muhlenberg Sound” by Erika Brady of Western Kentucky University. The article talks a little more about Kennedy Jones and his first use of the thumb pick.

I was just rewatching my copy of the Vestapol video Legends of Country Guitar which begins with Mose Rager playing I Am A Pilgrim and talking about how they learned to play the thumbpicking style. Rager says:

“Colored fellers way back yonder played that thumb pick just as far as I can remember.”
He then goes on to say that he first “got onto” the style from a man named Levi Forrester from Depoy, KY. (The liner notes say Levi Foster but I've played that sentance over and over and I believe Rager is saying Forrester.) Rager says of Forrester, “…he didn't have no thumb pick but he played the thumb lick.” He doesn't mention Kennedy Jones at all.

The liner notes to the Vestapol video do mention Kennedy Jones and say that Rager first met Jones in 1925 and by that time Jones was using a thumb pick, the first one Rager had ever seen.

      - Mark