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Posted By: Cruiser
04-Dec-03 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Black Irish: Etymological Consensus?
Subject: Folklore: Black Irish: Etymological Consensus?
I did a search here on Mudcat and found many interesting references to the term Black Irish. The relevant threads are often hidden in other messages (as thread-creep) so I thought I would try to consolidate some opinions, if not unanimity, of the term's derivation here, if possible.

There are several excellent posts, one at:

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A good Link From Wolfgang @:

One long explanation:

Black Irish

The derivations vary from hair color, mood, potato famine, etc., to ethnicity.

So, is there a Mudcatter consensus (not asking much, huh?) on the meaning of the term Black Irish or are it's etymologies forever obscured, as with so many other terms, phrases, and songs?