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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
01-Dec-03 - 04:57 PM
Thread Name: Falsetto
Subject: RE: Falsetto

The mind completely controls the muscles - but not all of them conciously all the time, for most of us. As you develop the ability to "feel your body from the inside" more and more, you gain more control.

Being "in the flow" is recognised by sports coaches as a powerful tool that improves performance. What happens is that as you concentrate more and more on what you are doing to the exclusion of external distractions, performance improves.

The idea of being relaxed, and thinking about your sound projection passage (voice, Spaw!) and allowing feedback to control the muscles to produce the pitch, tone colour, and volume you want, is not entirely new.

When doing a "chest voice" rather than "head voice", don't forget that you haven't chopped off your head, so that part of the body is still partly controlling the sound production. It all ties together.

The concept of "chest voice" vs "head voice" does not mean that the rest of the voice production system is not in effect or can be totally ignored. That's just where most people feel it the most - where most of the energy is resonating - that part of the standing wave through the whole system is registering the maximum amplitude of the standing wave there.

Three words: practice, practice, practice!

Now if you are into antenna design, there is something called "quarter wave" propagation. Normally, a piece of wire generates a radiated signal that is the same wavelength as the piece of wire - "full wave" propagation. You can also get "half wave" propagation, where the piece of wire is only half the length of the wavelength emitted. Similarly for "quarter wave" propagation.

Now I was interested in Ham Radio, and I'm moving outside my level of understanding, but it seems the body can play tricks of "partial wave propagation" too, and I wonder if "falsetto" and the "blues shout" are some form of this.

Perhaps some of the really great minds on Mudcat who DO have the relevant expertise might like to take an interest in this...