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Posted By: Mooh
23-Nov-03 - 02:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: being late for work
Subject: RE: BS: being late for work
Guest Duane...Lol, we've been saying that for ages, even saw it work once.

Like others, I have a part-time job where nobody would notice if I was late every isn't an issue. One of the best workers we had used to show up only to sleep off his hangover in the staff room. Trust isn't an issue because we can be trusted to do whatever we want anyway. I generally play by the rules, but to me the rules include certain liberties, like release time for gigs, choir practice, and season open for bass and trout. If my work is done no one bothers me.

In my self employment I hear many excuses from students as to why they're late for their lessons. "I was looking for my music" is my favourite because it tells me they haven't likely been practicing. I don't have to ask and they perjure themselves! Doesn't much matter, they pay the same either way.

"I missed her period"...Many years ago when I was young single and drunk, I was awol for a day because my girlfriend told me she was preggers. This is what I told my boss and he was so uptight and straightlaced he wouldn't discuss it, just gave me the day as paid leave. Truth was she did tell me she was up the stump but the real reason for my absence was the subsequent booze binge, without which I would doubtless have been at work. The girl (what was her name?) wasn't actually knocked up but was trying to manipulate me. Isn't youth grand?

I feel a song coming on...