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Thread Name: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway -- Tape Recordings
Video C

Shellback Concert        -- Info From Handout                                
A. Intros : Derek Seed (organized trip with Dennis Cook)
1. Tom Perry: Yellow Girls: Capstan/Windlass shanty – from Terry, Sharp Harding. Usually sung homeward bound.

2. Noreen Keene: Lowlands away: Originally a Pumping shanty it was later used at Windlass and Capstan.

3. Clive Brooks: Poor Old Horse: Halyard Shanty—originally sung at the ceremony of raising the dead horse to celebrate the fact that the crew was now earning money.

4. Carole Etherton: Bright Star: by Sarah Davis from Kent, UK (1990's) A song expressing the hopes and fears of a sailor thinking of returning home.

5. Steve Nevill: Haul Away Joe: Tack & Sheet shanty – used mainly for hauling aft the foresheet after reefing the fore'l

6. Ruth Harrison: Ellen Vannin: written by Hughie Jones of Liverpool UK in the 1960's about a Liverpool to Ilse of Man ship of unseaworthy condition, which sank in a storm in Liverpool Bay.

7. Vaughan Hully : Married to a Mermaid: words originally from the play "Alfred" performed in London 1740, the air was written by Dr. Thomas Arne.

8. Barbara HIndley: Wild Goose Shanty: Sweating-up shanty popularized by Bert (A.L.) Lloyd.

9. Stuart & Denise Savage: Bold Privateer: from a collection of sosngs from Cornwall (UK) by Ralph Dunstan – a farewell between a privateer & his lover before raiding Spanish and French bullion ships,

10. Derek Seed: Goodbye to the Sea: by 'His Worship &the Pig" of Stoke on Trent (UK) about the decline of Cornish fishing and resultant anger at abuse of quotas & occupational displacement.
11. Andy Hindley: Roll Alabama: Halyard Shanty The Alabama was a 3 masted schooner built in Birkenhead (UK) which claimed over 60 Union vessels before it's demise.

12. Jill Thompson: Rolling Home: possibly based on a poem by Charles Mackay (1858) which might have been a shanty he heard. Popular on English and American ships.

13. Ann Perry: Drunken Sailor: Stamp and go shanty—said by Terry to be used at windlass and Capstan.

14. Alan Whitbread: Constant Lovers: Baring Gould gives this as based on a music-hall parody of a song derived from Captain Digby's Farewell (Roxbury Ballad, 1671) collected in Engalnd, Ireland, & USA.

15. Theresa Tooley: Bully in the Alley: Capstan/ Halyard Shanty associated with the West Indies.

16. Stan Dunnage: Rosianna: Song from John Lomax collection which has become a stalwart among UK chorus songs, particularly in South Wales.

˝ of Sunday Concert ( Then I just ran out of energy to film)

Nancy King Into and Kendall                                          
MMario -- Cartaghenea                                                Andy Cooper --Musical Shoes                                                
Jim & Ruth Harrison, Alaska Mike,
Therese Tooley, Colin (ColK) Kemp --Cinderella Skit                
Denise Savage Squeeze Box--Song to a Friend (Savage) ***Could someone check if this can be included?? on this no email available????                                
Denise & Stuart Savage                                                
Dick Levine --Anniversary Song                                        
Ruth Harrison – King of Rome
Alan Whitbread (AlanW)
Barry Finn – These Ol' Walls (Finn)                                
Lucy Goldberg --All the Fine Young Men