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Posted By: Willie-O
17-Nov-03 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: being late for work
Subject: RE: BS: being late for work
I hit a deer at 6:15 a.m.

No damage to my truck, and the deer got up and ran away, but my taillights stopped working so I had to wait until it was light to proceed!

True story.

Then there was the insult to idiocy. When I was working evening shift help desk, I went to start my truck and it was dead in the driveway. Had to get a boost from my neighbour, (mortifying since I am always giving her helpful lectures about vehicle maintenance) which put me half an hour behind my no-extra-time schedule. Twenty minutes down the road (just past where I hit the deer, which happened six months later), I had to wait forever to make a left turn onto Highway 7. Must have waited five minutes at the stop sign. As soon as I got onto the highway I overcompensated--within fifteen seconds an OPP cruiser coming the other way had clocked me at 121 km/hr in an 80 zone. (I never usually go over 105 on that road cause it's crawling with radar). He wrote me out not only my first ever speeding ticket, was the week after my birthday and I had forgotten to renew my licence plates! (It was a great party though) Double DUHHHH! Needless to say he took his time with the paperwork.

Then my supervisor at work apologetically brought me an "acknowledgement"--Bell corporate-speak for a minor written warning--to sign for coming in late. I just laughed and signed it, told him it was the least of my troubles for the day. Cost me $230 just to go to work late...

once and future commuter