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Posted By: GUEST,Dan Lanier
16-Nov-03 - 03:43 PM
Thread Name: Mystic Sea Song Fest 2002
Subject: RE: Mystic Sea Song Fest 2002
To All Concerned:

Edgar "Master Mick" Mulraine, the eldest of the "Barrouallie Whalers" and an extraordinary man, appears to be dying after a very difficult year of health problems. He is the man who first assisted me and Vince Reid in convening a group of whalers in 2001, including men Roger Abrahams had recorded in the '60s. Those who have witnessed chantey performances of the Whalers will recall Mulraine's enthusiasm and his expertly delivered upbeat yaps on "Bulldog Na Bite Me." He never dreamt that in his twilight years he might have the chance to achieve international acclaim as a representative of his culture, but he zealously embraced this opportunity when it came about. Each time the prospect of an international performance of the Whalers comes up, he eagerly and unabashedly offers "I hope I will be at the top of the list!"

Fortunately, Mulraine was able to participate in a trip to the Netherlands (Workum) for a very successful series of performances this October, something he dearly wanted to experience. As before in the US, he readily made friends and delighted audiences in Holland. He alone knew the potential severity of his condition, but he braved the long journey and endured considerable pain throughout the week because he so loves the adventure of world travel and the opportunity to share his memories and music with us. During the past year, Mulraine's deep Christian faith and the anticipation of one more overseas tour sustained him through the worst of his health ordeal and enabled him to rally for the Holland trip.

Since his return home to Barrouallie, Mulraine's health and spirits have declined. He has outlived the vast majority of his generation, having worked harder and longer than most of us can imagine, educated himself, raised and supported a distinguished family, and become a mainstay of his community. In the developing nation of St. Vincent, the quality and affordability of health care, and the general (lack of) awareness of elderly health issues, unfortunately do not favor early detection and treatment of cancers to the extent that our health care systems in the developed world do. In spite of his perennial optimism and enthusiasm, Mulraine has been subtly preparing for death for quite some time. He knew he could not afford prescribed medications and did not wish to deprive his family. We deeply hope he will obtain relief from the great suffering he now endures. He is blessed to have loving family members, friends, and an attentive pastor nearby to comfort him.

Your letters or cards would be most welcome to the Mulraines as expressions of appreciation and concern. Please send these ($0.80 airmail stamp from USA) to:

    Edgar and Verona Mulraine
    Keartons Hill
    St. Vincent & the Grenadines
    West Indies

Please forward this information to others who have enjoyed experiencing the Barrouallie Whalers.

Thank you very much for your help and kindness.


Dan Lanier