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Posted By: Bill D...22 consecutive Getaways..(no record!)
14-Aug-99 - 12:02 PM
Thread Name: New Englanders to FSGW? (2004 now included)
Subject: RE: New Englanders to FSGW?
There will probably be more threads on this as the time approaches, but all should take note..while we have always had out-of-town guests and friends, and LOVE this new influx of Mudacatters, we are at a camp this year with a bit smaller kitchen and tighter parking, etc..we simply do not know right this minute what registration will be like..i.e., local FSGW members, Mudcat newbies, old friends who ALWAYS come..etc...

It may well be like a family reunion at Aunt Maudies..*grin*...snug quarters and compromises on sleeping and cooking routines--space is not infinite...I'm sure Charlie Baum, Ferrara, and others will have things to say in the next few weeks as details shape up....

while the Getaway is now 35 years old, we simply have never confronted THIS combination of circumstances before..but it oughta be a blast!