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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
07-Nov-03 - 02:58 PM
Thread Name: NOMAD 2003, Nov 15-16
Subject: RE: NOMAD 2003, Nov 15-16
I've done two albums a track at a time, and two "live." They both have their attraction. When I finally get the time to do it, my gospel quartet will be recording a track at a time. We spent a year, trying to record "live" with very little success. When we sing "live" we tend to get swept away in the song, turn our heads away from the mic, or back up... or get real close, and it was very difficult to keep a balance throughout a song. I recorded Handful of Songs and a gospel album a track at a time, and adjusted to it quickly. It made it possible for friends to add vocal or instrumental tracks at a later date, rather than having to get everyone together at one time.
And, I didn't have to settle for botched lines, or a buzzing guitar note or two. After trying it "live" again, I have to admit that I am looking forward to going back to a track at a time... it also makes it a lot easier to equalize each vocal track and instrumental track individually.

As I say, both approaches have their value. When I listen to some of the "live" tracks I recorded on my first two albums, there are places where I regret not being able to boost individual instruments or voices. To a certain extent, you end up mixing as you're recording, by trying to get the sound balanced by moving people, instruments and microphones around.

I'll be at NOMAD too, Steve, and would be happy to share both views with you. I think that you'll find that future tracks will go faster if you record track by track, but it IS a slowr way of recording..