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Posted By: Suffet
06-Nov-03 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: NOMAD 2003, Nov 15-16
Subject: RE: NOMAD 2003, Nov 15-16
My group, MacDougal Street Rent Party, went to a studio in Jersey City, NJ, last Sunday to record a demo. It took us four and a half hours to do one song, and it still needs a final mix. I figured we would all just sit in front of microphones and sing like we always do, and the guy in the control room would just adjust the levels so all the voices and instrumemts were properly balanced. Our songs usually run less than five minutes each, so even if we did ten takes of each and allowed time for set-up and breaks, we should have been able to record three, maybe four songs in less than four hours. But no, that's not how it's done anymore. First Joel does some sound effects that resemble a dripping water faucet. Then Anne lays down the guitar chords all the way through. Then she goes and sings her part while hearing the guitar track through headphones. Then Eric sings his part. Then Joel and I sing our parts. Then Eric adds his banjo. Finally I add a second guitar part. Maybe next week Gina will come and add a fiddle.

My private thoughts: Ugh! Whatever this is, it ain't folk music. We are already halfway down the Milli Vanilli Highway.

What I say out loud: Good session. Demo sounds great so far, and it will sound even better when it's finished.

Has anyone else been there? You can tell me in person at NOMAD in Connecticut. And if NEFFA accepts us again, you can hear MacDougal Street Rent Party live this coming April in Massachusetts.

--- Steve