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Posted By: Fran
02-Nov-03 - 06:40 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Widdlecombe Fair
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Widdlecombe Fair
Here is the Lyrics for the Steve Knightley version:

It was early dawn when we met out on a hillside
on our way to Widdecombe Fair
To drink ourselves dry make a big noise there
Six Devon lads with a young boy

Whose mother has said "Promise now
You'll watch for him
He's never slept out of home before
And you know to well there'll be trouble in store
I gave her my word and we crossed the moor

It was growing dark when we stopped at the inn
When we saw her
Fair-Faced in the candle
Such a fine sight with her long black hair
Young Billy stared and she stared right back
But the landlord said she's spoken for

He said leave me here alone
I'll meet you tomorrow
on your way back home at the cross roads
At noon on the Whiddon Down Road
You go and I'll stay
You boys go and I'll stay

I said take my watch and chain
we all hit the road again
Four miles to the fairground we had a fine time there
Next day we waited in the rain at the crossroads
But the boy never came I said you go ahead
I returned to the inn
But the landlord said the last thing seen was a boy and a girl
Out on the moor that was all he knew
I called and I cried God knows I tried
Until the long night came
His mother flew at me she called me names
Scratched my face said I was too blame
And asked would she ever see her sweet sweet son again

Well a year went by without one sign
Back at the inn to see what I'd find
And the wind whistled cold on the moor that night
I thought I saw a couple in the pale moonlight
The landlord said it's you again
And from his pocket hung down my watch and chain
Tom I sat down on a stone and I cried
knowing full well that the young lad died
Tom Tom lend me your grey mare
I want to go back to Widdecombe fair
With Bill, Jan, Peter and Dan, Harry and Pete
On the moors we'll meet
All along down along out along lee
All along down along out along lee