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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
01-Nov-03 - 03:39 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Widdlecombe Fair
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Widdlecombe Fair
The BBC Radio 2 discussion seemed to refer to two distinct songs: a modern one written by Steve Knightley of "Show of Hands" (of which I know nothing), and another, the subject of this thread, recorded by "Dr Faustus", which I imagine is an arrangement of a traditional song belonging to the Coudingham Fair group (see DT Study thread above. The Donnybrook Fair of that thread is not the common song or dance tune, but a localised example of the unrelated song about beggars, found in Essex, as it happens. That didn't stop a lot of people insisting on posting information about the other, completely unrelated, songs of that title, though).

At a guess, the song in question here would be either the set Joe has just posted words for, or else Harry Cox's Widdliecombe Fair. Perhaps Diane will tell us more.

Just in case anyone might misunderstand, Tom Brown's song isn't a version of Widecombe Fair but a member of the Coudingham Fair group. It's very close textually to the Harry Cox set; I wonder if it might have been learned from him?