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Posted By: Dani
23-Oct-03 - 08:19 PM
Thread Name: Getaway 2003 Memories
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
OK, I almost forgot to share two of my FAVORITE memories. One'll be my favorite musical moment forever, and I will cherish it always.

I love to sing. Have never had the time (or the teacher!) to learn the instruments I'd like to play, so have settled for singing and the kazoo. Have gotten pretty darn good (locally famous; the pied kazooer, you know) and I LOVE to play it.

God knows you don't get many opportunities... but usually Jim (Gutbucketeer) provides one or two a year ; )

This year, Joel Bailes' Barrelhouse Piano Jam was an absolute BLAST!! He has a wonderful spirit, and style, and created some real fun in the gym. Wish I hadn't left for one of those darn conflicts. But it was great to jam on Jim's homemade kazoo!

But then... THEN, during the Saturday night dining room sing, there came a song I wasn't familiar with, but that had (no shit!) a rousing chorus. Vaughan (Snuffy?) came to my side and whispered in my ear, " 'Ave you got yer kazoo on ya?" HAVE I?!?! There was a line for bugle in the chorus (what song was that?) and he and I played. It was like being pulled out of the audience onto the stage at Carnegie HALL, or up to dance with Bruce Springsteen for cryin' out loud!

Thank you, Vaughan, and Joel, and Jim.

Thank you all!!