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Posted By: momnopp
23-Oct-03 - 10:34 AM
Thread Name: Getaway 2003 Memories
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories
Oh, feckryinoutloud -- it wasn't THAT cold -- unless you were sitting still for an extended period of time, possibly out of the sun, not under a blanket, without a cup of hot tea. . .er, um, well, maybe it was a tad on the chilly side...

But with all the warmth and love and kinship bouncing around, who could stop to notice? The Shellbacks are such great fun and wonderful folk and INCREDIBLE musicians -- I was duly impressed. The voice of the 16 year-old angel, Elizabeth LaPrelle, rings still in my head -- what tones!

Amos -- yes, you MUST come to a Getaway as soon as humanly possible!

Side-busting skit by the Shells plus Alaska Prince -- I haven't laughted that hard in a while, and I laugh pretty frequently...Awwright...Ruth, you are a stitch! (Get that woman on the 'cat already!)

Morticia writes, "BTW please return the Shellbacks as you found them.....I think there may be a deposit on the empties." Fear not, Morty and Menolly, Col K's store of hugs is not depleted in the least by sharing them in America. It was wonderful to have a chance to "experience" a real Colin hug -- they are now legendary on BOTH sides of the pond. (Ask Col K to tell you about meeting Big Mick just moments after arriving at the Getaway.)

Missing Person Soup Kitchen have some of the most lovely harmonies, and I loved watching Bill Kimmons sing with adoring eyes turned to his wife. I realize it's easier to stay in time with someone while looking at them, but this was much more than that!

As always, the Getaway weekend renews me enough to carry on for the next six months or so -- even when I'm not participating fully in as many workshops as I'd like, I love singing along. And the energy generated throughout the grounds is positively magical. It's my idea of a "luxury" weekend -- creature comforts are "easy" to come by but the manna of the music and people at the Getaway is priceless.

Peace and music,