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Posted By: Ferrara
22-Oct-03 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: Getaway 2003 Memories
Subject: RE: Getaway 2003 Memories

Once I recover consciousness I hope to send an e-mail to Getaway attendees who aren't Mudcatters, inviting them to share their memories on this thread. You're right: The Getaway is bringing people from each community into the other. You might be surprised at the number of out-of-town Mudcatters who have now joined FSGW, too. It's a very satisfying partnership.

Bill is driving Noreen, Barb'ry and Andy (Barb'ry's husband) to the rendezvous so the Shellbacks can move on to their next gig. BOO HOO. If we can't keep the Getaway going for two weeks, my second choice would be to keep the Shellbacks here for two weeks.

It came as a shock to my American ears to learn that Noreen is pronounced NOR-een and not Nor-EEN as I have always said it. (Same with EI-leen.) Still having a little trouble wrapping my tongue around it. Could listen to her sing all day, though.

This should make lots of folks happy: Almost every Shellback I've talked to since Sunday night has been quite determined to get back to another Getaway, next year if possible but if not, then someday.

Thank you, Shellbacks and Derek Seed, for the hard work you put in to make this trip happen, for the extra hours you spent practicing to put on a superb concert, and for the good taste to start your trip at our Getaway.

Oh, and for being exactly the kind of people and the kind of musicians we like :-)