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Posted By: GUEST, Claymore
21-Oct-03 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: Getaway 2003 Memories
Subject: ADD: Cicada Serenade
To add to Roger from B-more's account, here are the rap lyrics that Ron Davies did with his wife. He emailed them to me to use with my kids at the Job Corps center where I work.


They got big orange eyes they can barely focus
Some people call'em 17- year locust
But that's the wrong data
The name is cicada
and they're here now but they won't be here later

They got 4 wings but they ain't supposed to fly
They just come out the ground, have sex and die
But I can dig their rig--I like their style
Cause they may go quick but they go with a smile
Check it out
Cicada serenade (sounds being made in rap rythmn like cicadas whirring)
Check it out
Cicada serenade (same same)

Cicadas on the sidewalk, cicadas on the ground
Place looked like a little tiny Jonestown
Now I hate to see anything go to waste
And I was wondering how a cicada might taste
Cicada, potata---it sounds the same
To let'em go to waste would be a crying shame
So I got a couple hundred of 'em, took 'em inside
Put some ketchup on 'em and I ate'em French-fried
I ate 'em all up without hesitatin'
The next thing you know I was hallucinatin'
Freakin' out
Cicada serenade (same same)
Freakin' out
Cicada Serenade (same same)

I was out of my mind
My head was in a fog
The next thing you know I was sick as a dog

My friends came over, said "Let's get high"
I said "No way", so they said "Bye bye"
I don't need no lovely, no reefer, no cocaine
Cause I still got them cicadas buzzin' round in my brain
So eat your cicadas with every snack
Cause they can also help you say NO TO DRUGS

PS Rita: How did the tape of our late night jam on Sunday with fiddle, viola, harp and classical guitar and a few of the Shellbacks with their squeeze boxes come out? I know that the singers had plenty of jams, but the private ones we had with the other musicians, I really enjoyed. And could you tell me the name of the Shellback lady who stayed up with us till 4 AM on Sunday? The whole time from 9 PM to 4 AM was a wealth of love songs, laments, and partings, and she provided many of them. That was a special jam, with only a few people, and I believe it was the best musical event of the Getaway.