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Posted By: bseed(charleskratz)
10-Aug-99 - 08:59 PM
Thread Name: Help: Music from movie 'The Bad Seed'
Subject: RE: Help: Music from movie 'The Bad Seed'
I got my name from the creepy little girl, all right--but I didn't know the name of the tune (the book was better, by the way: not a surprise, of course--it's true 99 and 44/100s of the time. The movie had a dumb deus ex machina ending: the father comes home to find the mother who has just taken an OD of sleeping pills, in time to save her life, while the little girl is on the dock at the lake trying to recover the penmanship medal which had motivated the first murder (of her classmate who had won it) and she is struck by lightning. In the book, the mother dies, the girl doesn't, and greets her father with their old game, "What'll you give me if I give you a barrel of kisses?" He has been on a trip for a few days and has no idea what his wife had learned. So SHE'S STILL OUT THERE...) --seed