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Posted By: clansfolk
06-Oct-03 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: Discussion: Playing Filthy Lyrics
Subject: RE: Discussion: Playing Filthy Lyrics
It's a very tricky situation - why are you there?

If you are being paid to entertain and that's what the audience want??

But if you upset one person in the audience then it's one too many...

Choice - don't work that kind of venue... hard for a gigging musician who needs a regular income..... change your moral stance... and bite the bullet... say you don't know that song and suggest one "equally as funny with a great chorus to sing" -

Lets face it the songs I sing in a rowdy Blackpool pub ay 11pm at night aren't the same songs I sing at 2pm in the day care centre!

Pub songs aren't the same songs I sing at festivals and folk clubs - I have a choice whether to play the venues or not - and I'm not there to try and force my tastes on the audience - only as as been said before get the sales over the bar up! and this is how your success and popularity in the pub entertainment world is judged.

You may have the best voice in the world play guitar like an angel and have some lovely songs - but if the audience don't like you and don't buy beer you won't be re-booked - Hey it's just a job!!!!

Good days and bad days....... and now for a rousing chorus of Wild Rover    arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!