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Posted By: Mooh
06-Oct-03 - 03:27 PM
Thread Name: Discussion: Playing Filthy Lyrics
Subject: RE: Discussion: Playing Filthy Lyrics
Len...I was just looking for you internet presence the other day, having not seen you in ten years or so. I liked you act then. Any chance of a return to Goderich Celtic Roots Festival?

My last couple of visits to the local watering hole revealed an increasing amount of the kind of behavior you're talking about. It seems to me it's done now with less twinkle in the eye and more leer, more malice and less humour. More's the pity. My sister would have said it's just another way of expressing violence and I think she's right...have fun at insult and abuse is still insult and abuse.

This is exactly why (along with smoke) I quit the bars long ago. But I also believe that the disparity between the extremes of human behavior is increasing. It's cool to be crass in some circles.

The aforesaid is right, get a better gig (though you might have to starve a bit). It's not our (musicians) fault. Sigh.

Peace, Mooh.