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Posted By: Celtic-End Singer
06-Aug-99 - 02:07 PM
Thread Name: Origin: Flower of Scotland (Roy Williamson)
Subject: RE: Flower of Scotland
Nice perspective Steve, and I agree 100%. But I think what really got us mad in Scotland was not simply that it was unjust, but that they applied the injustice so unfairly by imposing it on the Scots two years before everyone else. Obviously we didn't like it much and protested, but what really added insult to injury was that the government didn't give a toss what we thought of things, no matter how many marches there were, no matter how many poeple went to jail rather than pay, no matter how many pensioners had their property seized because they couldn't pay. When the Tories only had 4 Parliamentary seats in Scotland they had nothing to lose. But as soon as the the first English policeman gets a bloody nose in London they immediately done a complete 'bout face and scrapped the thing pretty much overnight. When the government simply refuses to listen to you, it's hardly surprising they want their own government.