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Posted By: VIN
03-Sep-03 - 08:17 AM
Thread Name: What does the term 'folk process' mean?
Subject: RE: What does the term 'folk process' mean?
Cheers George Seto for Wild Mountain Thyme info. Amazin how much history there can be surrounding one song. S'pose its a case of 'variation on a traditional theme'.

Interesting point Murray. Wonder if in 200 years time someone will check the preserved recording archives of a particular song or tune and say 'hey, this is the definitive original by so-and-so' cos here's the original recording and copyright records. Mind you someone will then no doubt say 'ah but he/she got that from a joe bloggs original tune from 1701' or whatever.

Don't think there's owt wrong with altering the presentation or structure of a song/tune so long as the original creator is acknowledged, both verbally and financially (if there is money being made). Credit where it's due etc. Once something is created then its there, it exists and hopefully shared by everyone. (If god exists, think how he/she/it must be peeved on how we've used or abused it/she/its creations). Music is like science in a way……if inventions and ideas had not been taken and added to, improved upon or perfected by others, life would be very 'non progressive' not to say boring. Well that's my tuppence worth.