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Posted By: Amos
02-Sep-03 - 02:33 PM
Thread Name: What does the term 'folk process' mean?
Subject: RE: What does the term 'folk process' mean?
It refers to the obsessive and neurotic inability of folksingers to remember accurately songs they have taken from performances by others. They uniformly alter, twist, change, mis-remember, contort, distort, vary, malform, misappropriate and cross pollinate the parts. They mix up the words or change them at will without regard for the intellectual struggles which went before to produce the song originally. They mix up parts. They take tunes from England and words from Spain and tie them together. The run tunes backwards, change keys and noptes at random, and pusillanimously alter anything that seems in the slightest to be provocative or contrary. They can't get things right!

Instead of facing up to this obsessive behaviour and acknowledging that they need help, folk singers the world over have agreed to engage in massive denial in perpetuity and to cover it up by using the term "folk process" to describe this aberration. This provides a shallow and disingenuous veneer of legitimacy to what is actually a mental dysfunction.

Any questions?