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Posted By: Den
30-Jul-99 - 04:14 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: McAlpine's Fusiliers
Subject: RE: Macalpines Fusileers, the words,please
Paddy I always started it with this verse.

'Twas in the year of '39 when the sky was full of lead
When Hitler was headin' for Poland and Paddy for Hollyhead
Come all you pilsher (note really sure of the word there) laddies and you long-distance men
Don't ever work for MacAlpine, for Wimpey or John Laing
For you'll stand behind a mixer still your skin has turned to tan
And they'll say "Good on you, Paddy" with your boat fare in your hand
The craic was good in Cricklewood but they wouldn't leave the crown
There was glasses flyin' and Biddy's cryin' sure Paddy was goin' to town
Oh mother dear I'm over here and I never will come back
What keeps me here is the rake of beer, the ladies and the craic
For I come from the County Kerry the land of eggs and bacon
And if you think I'll eat your fish and chips by Jaysus you're mistakin'

While I narrated the poem the guitar player used to make cement mixer noises and sirens and so on on his guitar. It always went down well. At the end of the poem of course we'd launch into MacAlpines. Den