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Posted By: Rapparee
24-Aug-03 - 10:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
Subject: RE: BS: better yet--colon flush
Been there. And I think that, if you're over 50 or if your doctor says to, get a colonoscopy. They can remove any polyps before they cause trouble. Yeah, the prep (as open mike knows) is a bear, but they give you this stuff, see, like, with needles, ya know? and I mean, it is one trip! and.... Anyway, you go to sleep and wake up with the procedure over. Which is a great way to have it.

If it wasn't for that damned prep!

But even that's getting better. The one I had a year ago was much easier to prep for than the one I had in the early '90s.

(Back in the early '90s I was anemic, and the doctor wanted to find out why. So I had an endoscopy, where they go in from the top. Nothing. Then I had a colonoscopy, where they go in from the bottom. Nothing. I suggested to the doctor later that they could have done both at once and saved time ("Doctor! I see a light!") but she just looked at me funny.)