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24-Aug-03 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: 'Twas on a Monday Morning, O
Subject: Lyr Add: ALL THE WHILE (Rudge-Dicks)
Here you go.

T'was on a Monday morning-O, the rain it was a-raining;
My love she came to me and said,
"Oh, when will you and I be wed,
For I have bought a double bed
And Mother is complaining".
(Spoken) "I can't abide her mother!"
And all the while the rain it was a raining.

T'was on a Tuesday morning-O, the snow it was a-glist'ning;
My love still hadn't gone away
So I did ask her, "Mistress, pray
What was it you said yesterday?
I really wasn't listening".
(Spoken) "I laughed: she hit me!"
And all the while the snow it was a-glist'ning.

T'was on a Wednesday morning-O, the hail it was a-hailing;
My love she made a quick retort,
And said, "To cut the story short,
I've bought our bed, the double sort,
Your hearing must be failing!"
(Spoken) "She called a deaf twit!"
And all the while the hail it was a-hailing.

T'was on a Thursday morning-O, the day was not a hot one.
I said, "You've bought a double bed?
Well, that was what I thought you said;
You must be going off your head,
For I've already got one!"
(Spoken) "We've got two now, aint we?"
And all the while the day was not a hot one.

T'was on a Friday Morning-O
(Spoken:) "Nobody spoke!"

T'was on a Saturday morning-O, the thunder it was frightening.
I shouted so that I'd be heard,
"Oh, let us marry on the third"
But did she answer, not a word,
For she'd been struck by lightning!
And after that the weather started brightening.
(Spoken) "It was a lovely day. I went fishin'.!