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Posted By: Doug_Remley
20-Aug-03 - 11:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
Subject: RE: BS: liver detox ... 'yuk' or Wow!' ??
Never heard of this, uhm, effort but liver "detoxification" is most safely left to Milk Thistle Extract. U.S. doctors with multiple "specializations" treat their knowledge as arcane, need-to-know secrets to be shared with other doctors guided by acepted drug treatments and often, alone, by established policy (or, read polity in light of local administrative requirements).

Linked by affect to the C, B's and E the Thistle milk is a powerful addition and has been known and used world wide for thousands of years yet is not accepted by the American medical community. "Gall Stones" form normally and are often flushed before attaining a size affecting local tissues. Forcing a "flushing" activity certainly may show extensive, time-related results especially of unatural, crystalline structures waiting to be flushed be a normal course of events. Forcing by imbibing intrusive elements may not be necessary, or wise.