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Posted By: Bill D
18-Aug-03 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: 2003 FSGW Getaway - Travelers Needs
Subject: RE: 2003 FSGW Getaway - Travelers Needs
Perhaps a little FAQ is in order..*grin*

booze has an 'interesting' history at the FSGW Getaway. For most of our history we were at State parks or Boy Scout camps where alcohol was 'officially' forbidden...which, of course led to the most amazing and creative ways to have it and not show it too openly. (The crucial announcement was always "take OUT anything you bring IN" meaning we did NOT leave empties in the camp trash/rubbish bins.) This situation also had the effect of making some people just not bother if they had to hide it...and thus of also reducing over-indulgence to almost zero.

Now, for the last 3 years, we have been at a camp which allows it, and even has a bar has been so VERY relaxing to be able to just HAVE a beer or share a "bottle of the best" with friends...and so far, we have had no problems. We still have, I'm sure, a few members who do not drink, and worry about proliferation of alcohol...but it has not been a problem yet...and I think we are all clever enough to know how to keep it that way.

I will have some excellent beer/ale, etc...and probably some good single malt Scotch, but I have never abused it, and don't enjoy situations where the alcohol becomes more the focus than the music.
I suspect most folkies feel that way, and I am not really worried.

Many years ago, I added a verse to the old song, "Boozing, Bloody Well Boozing"...take it for what it's worth..

"What's the joy and the curse of the whole working class,
Why, boozing, bloody well boozing,
What is it robs a poor man of his brass?,
Boozing, bloody well boozing.
It ruins the liver, it addles the brain,
It inspires our singing again and again..
What gives such fair measure of pleasure and pain?
Why boozing, bloody well boozing."

see you in October!