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BK Lick Utah Phillips: Loafer's Glory Radio Show (48) Loafer's Glory: Programs 31 - 40 20 Sep 11

Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story1PoemNothin' To Do But GoH. H. KnibbsUtah Phillips0:201:401:20
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story2PoemThe Rebel ToastJoe HillUtah Phillips2:453:050:20
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story3CommentSabots and Direct ActionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:053:400:35
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story4CommentPapal Encyclical on Labor and Father BarryPope Pius 11 / Charlie Davis / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:008:503:50
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story5SongThe Popular WobblyT-Bone SlimUtah Phillips8:5011:302:40
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story6CommentCraft Unions and Industrial UnionsGilda Haaken / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:3013:502:20
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story7StoryStory about Big Bill Haywood and Nevada JaneUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:5016:352:45
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story8SongNevada JaneUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:3519:052:40
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story9CommentThe IWW and the Capitalist ReactionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips19:0521:102:05
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story10StoryBig Bill Haywood, Joist and Girder???Utah Phillips21:1023:552:45
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story11SongThere is Power in a Band of Working FolkJoe HillUtah Phillips23:5526:20:002:25
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story12CommentWorld Labor Needs a World UnionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:20:0027:30:001:10
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story13StoryTom Scribner, World's Greatest Living WobblyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips27:30:0031:45:004:15
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story14SongDump The Bosses Off Your BackJohn Brill / Charles C. ConverseUtah Phillips31:45:0033:00:001:15
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story15Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall33:00:0034:30:001:30
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story16StoryMary Harris "Mother" JonesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:30:0037:35:003:05
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story17SongThe Charge on Mother JonesWilliam M. RogersUtah Phillips37:35:0038:30:000:55
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story18Story"Stupid" and Stupid's Pledge of AllegianceUtah Phillips / Russell DellUtah Phillips38:30:0042:15:003:45
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story19SongStupid's SongUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:15:0043:00:000:45
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story20StoryA. L. "Art" NurseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips43:00:0046:00:003:00
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story21SongNo More Reds in the UnionBob ClairborneUtah Phillips46:00:0047:20:001:20
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story22StoryJack MillerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips47:20:0049:40:002:20
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story23StoryJoe HillUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips49:40:0052:40:003:00
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story24PoemJoe Hill's Last WillJoe HillUtah Phillips52:40:0053:20:000:40
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story25SongI Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last NightAlfred Hayes / Earl RobinsonUtah Phillips53:20:0054:40:001:20
LG 2-31 Labor's Untold Story26Poem"That spirit bloweth and is still..."???Utah Phillips55:55:0056:30:000:35
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish1PoemA Grim Little BitJim HarrisonUtah Phillips0:300:500:20
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish2SongRailroading on the Great Divide + commentarySara Carter / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:0013:3510:35
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish3StoryThe Egg-Setting Horsefrom Art ThiemeUtah Phillips13:3518:204:45
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish4SongThe Goodnight-Loving TrailUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips18:2023:255:05
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish5StoryCollecting Songs in UtahUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:2525:10:001:45
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish6SongChristine LeroyTraditional: Laws H31Rosalie Sorrels25:10:0028:00:002:50
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish7StoryOur manager, Alfred G. AronowitzUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips28:00:0030:20:002:20
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish8SongAces, Straights and FlushesUtah Phillips, Nancy Katz / Kate WolfUtah Phillips30:20:0032:40:002:20
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish9Station BreakKenny Hall32:40:0033:10:000:30
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish10StoryThe Coffee Concession at Humboldt StateUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips33:10:0034:50:001:30
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish11SongLonesome Road BluesTraditionalUtah Phillips34:50:0037:05:002:15
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish12StoryAmmon Hennacy: Pacifism and AnarchyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:05:0040:00:002:55
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish13SongPig HollowUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:00:0041:55:001:55
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish14CommentSaving the Redwoods:David ChainUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:25:0043:40:001:15
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish15SongThe Sweet BriarTraditionalUtah Phillips43:40:0046:45:003:05
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish16CommentRainforest JerkyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips46:45:0048:00:001:15
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish17SongHallelujah I'm A Bum / The Lord turns on the lightHarry McClintockUtah Phillips48:00:0052:35:004:35
LG 2-32 Out Loud and Suitably Outlandish18PoemCarol of WordsWalt WhitmanUtah Phillips53:10:0053:35:000:25
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-33 Satire1PoemOn the death of a female officer of the Salvation ArmyTristram HousmanUtah Phillips0:351:050:30
LG 2-33 Satire2StoryWoody Guthrie at the Rainbow Room: Is This Land Your Land????Utah Phillips3:005:252:25
LG 2-33 Satire3SongThis Land is Their LandWoody GuthrieUtah Phillips5:256:551:30
LG 2-33 Satire4StoryWhat kind of music do you listen to?Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips6:558:451:50
LG 2-33 Satire5SongPagliacciHomer and JethroHomer and Jethro8:4511:503:05
LG 2-33 Satire6StoryBottlefly-powered airplanesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:5013:401:50
LG 2-33 Satire7SongIrish BalladTom LehrerTom Lehrer13:4016:352:55
LG 2-33 Satire8StoryThe perils of collecting folkloreUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:3519:052:30
LG 2-33 Satire9SongCowboy MusicRodney WaxUtah Phillips19:0520:501:45
LG 2-33 Satire10StoryThe Sausalito DrunkUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:5022:201:30
LG 2-33 Satire11PoemStanyan Street with laugh trackRod McKuenRod McKuen22:2027:25:005:05
LG 2-33 Satire12Station BreakKenny Hall27:25:0028:35:001:10
LG 2-33 Satire13StoryMickey KatzUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips28:35:0030:40:002:05
LG 2-33 Satire14SongThe Baby, the Buba and YouMickey KatzMickey Katz30:40:0033:10:002:30
LG 2-33 Satire15StoryHeadaches and TelevisionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips33:10:0034:45:001:35
LG 2-33 Satire16SongHeadachesAllen ShermanAllen Sherman34:45:0037:25:002:40
LG 2-33 Satire17StoryAl "Jazzbo" CollinsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:25:0040:00:002:35
LG 2-33 Satire18StoryThe Three Little PigsSteve Allen Al "Jazzbo" Collins and Steve Allen40:00:0043:50:003:50
LG 2-33 Satire19StoryMoving to Salt LakeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips43:50:0045:25:001:55
LG 2-33 Satire20SongColoradoNational LampoonNational Lampoon45:25:0049:30:004:05
LG 2-33 Satire21SpecialOK Laugh Record50:40:0053:00:002:20
LG 2-33 Satire22PoemNow I Lay Me Down to SleepShel SilversteinUtah Phillips54:00:0054:15:000:15
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.11PoemThe IndestructibleGeorge HitchcockUtah Phillips0:401:100:30
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.12CommentContext for Paul Robeson: ProgressivesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:005:053:05
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.13StoryAunt Molly Jackson & Sara Ogun GunningUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:056:000:55
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.14SongDreadful MemoriesAunt Molly JacksonSara Ogun Gunning6:008:252:25
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.15CommentThe UAW: Sit-down strikesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:2510:502:25
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.16SongSit Down!Maurice SugarManhattan Chorus 193710:5012:401:50
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.17CommentWhat is a Folk Song?Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:4014:502:10
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.18SongCapitalistic BossSaul AaronsSaul Aarons14:5021:507:00
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.19StorySeeger, Hays and Lampell: The Almanac SingersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:5023:401:50
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.110SongSong for BridgesAlmanac SingersAlmanac Singers23:4026:45:003:05
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.111CommentCraft vs Industrial Unions: the CIOUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:45:0027:55:001:10
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.112StoryVern PartlowUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips27:55:0029:30:001:35
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.113SongNative American NaziVern PartlowVern Partlow29:30:0032:30:003:00
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.114Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall32:30:0034:20:001:50
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.115StoryPeople's SongsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:20:0037:20:003:00
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.116SongOn to SacramentoMario CassettaMario Cassetta and People's Songs of California37:20:0039:20:002:00
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.117CommentThe OPA ShoutBob Clayborne & Pete SeegerPete Seeger & Bob Clayborne39:20:0042:20:003:00
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.118StoryMorrie GoodsonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:20:0044:40:002:20
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.119SongThe Red BoogieMorrie Goodson & Sonny ValeGoodson & Vale44:40:0048:00:003:20
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.120CommentThe Progressive Party 1948Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips48:00:0049:05:000:55
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.121SongWork With WallaceMalvina ReynoldsMalvina Reynolds49:05:0051:50:002:45
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.122CommentHow the Movement was excised from our historyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:50:0053:15:001:25
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.123SongIf I Had a HammerLee Hays & Pete Seeger The Weavers53:15:0055:30:002:15
LG 2-34 The Progressive Movement Pt.124PoemO Let America be America AgainLangston HughesUtah Phillips56:10:0056:50:000:40
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II1CommentObligations of an ArtistPaul RobesonPaul Robeson0:050:200:15
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II2CommentWho was Paul Robeson?Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:505:253:35
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II3SongBy an' By (recorded 1925)TraditionalPaul Robeson and Lawrence Brown5:257:502:25
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II4StoryJoe LouisUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:509:301:40
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II5StoryThe Louis Schmeling FightRadio BroadcastSchmeling et al.9:3010:200:50
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II6SongJoe Louis (side 1)Richard WrightPaul Robeson and Count Basie orch.10:2013:453:25
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II7StoryBallad for AmericansUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:4515:502:05
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II8SongBallad for AmericansJohn Latouche / Earl RobinsonPaul Robeson & ???15:5019:303:40
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II9StoryHenry Wallace and Glen TaylorUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips19:3021:452:15
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II10SongBattle Hymn of '48???Paul Robeson & ???21:4523:201:35
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II11StoryThe Peekskill Concerts and RiotsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:2024:55:001:35
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II12Song The Peekskill Story Charter RecordsPete Seeger, Paul Robeson, Howard Fast, many others24:55:0031:20:006:25
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II13Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall31:20:0032:00:000:40
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II14StoryOthello RecordsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:00:0033:40:001:40
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II15SongThe Ballad of the Four RiversHenry Myers, Edward Eliscu / Jay GorneyPaul Robeson & ???33:40:0036:55:003:15
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II16StoryRobeson and Pfeffer in MoscowUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:55:0039:15:002:20
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II17SongSong of the Warsaw Ghetto RebellionHirsch GlickPaul Robeson39:15:0041:05:001:50
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II18StoryMine Mill & Smelter Workers: Peace Arch ConcertUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips41:05:0043:05:002:00
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II19CommentOpening Remarks at the Peace Arch Concert 1952Paul RobesonPaul Robeson43:05:0044:35:001:30
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II20SongSong of the NationsJosephine Daskam Bacon/ Don West/ BeethovenPaul Robeson44:35:0047:20:002:45
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II21CommentOthello's Last SpeechShakespearePaul Robeson47:20:0051:00:003:40
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II22SongThe InternationalEugene PottierWinnipeg Labor Choir51:00:0054:30:003:30
LG 2-35 Progressive Movement #II23PoemLet the Railsplitter AwakePablo NerudaUtah Phillips55:40:0056:15:000:35
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #31Poem"All voting is a sort of gaming" Henry David ThoreauUtah Phillips0:300:500:20
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #32CommentYour body is your ballot / FDRUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:554:002:05
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #33SongBack AgainBill CoxUtah Phillips4:005:451:45
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #34StoryThe Price of EggsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:457:151:30
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #35SongFive Cent Cotton and Forty Cent MeatBob Miller / Emma DermerBob Miller & Clayton McMitchen Band7:1510:553:40
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #36CommentRural Poverty: the Southern Tenant Farmers' UnionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:5513:202:25
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #37SongJoin the Union TonightJohn HandcoxJohn Handcox13:2014:000:40
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #38SongThere Is Mean Things Happening in this LandJohn HandcoxJohn Handcox14:0014:500:50
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #39Comment The Failure of Capitalism: The DepressionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips14:5016:401:50
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #310SongThe Poor Forgotten ManBob MillerBob Miller16:4019:202:40
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #311StoryFranklin Roosevelt and the IceboatUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips19:2021:402:20
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #312CommentInaugural SpeechFranklin RooseveltFranklin Roosevelt21:4023:301:50
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #313SpecialThe Unforgotten ManNational GuardianNational Guardian23:3055:00:0032:30:00
LG 2-36 Progressive Movement #314Poem"How Many Times..."???Utah Phillips55:45:0056:05:000:20
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs1PoemBookBart KennedyUtah Phillips0:351:000:25
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs2CommentHobo OrganizationsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:054:152:10
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs3SongWhite Mountain GrinderLuther the JetLuther the Jet4:158:504:35
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs4CommentHobo Gatherings, News, and JobsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:5011:503:00
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs5SongThe Bowery BumHobo Jack TurnerHobo Jack Turner11:5015:053:15
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs6CommentSisters of the Road Cafe and Boxcar BerthaUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips15:0518:053:00
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs7SongThe Lady is a TrampRodgers & HartSophie Tucker18:0521:153:10
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs8CommentFortified WineUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:1524:05:002:50
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs9PoemWild Irish RoseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:05:0025:05:001:00
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs10SongGrapes on the VineSteve Gillette & Charles John QuartoSteve Gillette & Charles John Quarto25:05:0028:20:003:15
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs11PoemStarlight on the RailsThomas WolfeUtah Phillips28:20:0029:35:001:15
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs12SongStarlight on the RailsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips & 29:35:0031:45:002:10
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs13Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall31:45:0032:25:000:40
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs14StoryCoal Trains in Price County, UtahUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:25:0034:30:002:05
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs15SongHobo, You Can't Ride This TrainLouis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong34:30:0037:50:003:20
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs16StoryAlfonsoUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:50:0040:50:003:00
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs17SongWait A Little LongerHazel Souser & Chester SmithPaul Kinderman & Manuel Huffman40:50:0043:40:002:40
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs18SongTramp, Tramp Tramp, Keep On TrampingJoe HillFran & Florence DeLorenzo43:40:0048:35:004:55
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs19PoemUSAJohn Dos PassosUtah Phillips48:35:0050:30:001:55
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs20SongHallelujah I'm a Bum AgainRodgers & HartAl Jolson50:30:0053:10:003:00
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs21PoemWhat We NeedUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips53:10:0054:40:001:30
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs22SongSkid RowBob BoveeBob Bovee54:40:0056:35:001:55
LG 2-37 More Tramp Songs23Poem"Along over farstretching roads..."Bart KennedyUtah Phillips57:10:0057:50:000:40
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-38 Labor Songs1CommentMaking the first moveHoward ZinnUtah Phillips0:050:350:30
LG 2-38 Labor Songs2StoryJohn Driscoll and ButteUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:353:301:55
LG 2-38 Labor Songs3SongI Wandered Today to the Hills, MaggieTraditional, collected from Mrs. Hugo KerickMark Ross3:305:302:00
LG 2-38 Labor Songs4StoryNorth American Folk & Dance AllianceUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:307:502:20
LG 2-38 Labor Songs5SongThe Man Who Waters the Workers' BeerPaddy Ryan (Dr. R. E. W. Fisher)/ TraditionalFaith Petric7:5010:402:50
LG 2-38 Labor Songs6CommentSinger/SongwritersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:4013:302:50
LG 2-38 Labor Songs7SongGranite Mill FireCollected from Tom Henneberry in Nova Scotia (Creighton)Cordelia's Dad13:3017:153:45
LG 2-38 Labor Songs8CommentLocal 1000, AFM / Bessie Cohen of the Triangle FireUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:1520:303:15
LG 2-38 Labor Songs9SongTriangle Shirtwaist FireJohn O'ConnorJohn O'Connor20:3024:10:003:40
LG 2-38 Labor Songs10CommentHealth & Safety Laws and outsourcingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:10:0025:45:001:35
LG 2-38 Labor Songs11SongCommonwealth of ToilRalph ChaplinRebel Voices25:45:0029:05:003:20
LG 2-38 Labor Songs12Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall29:05:0030:05:001:00
LG 2-38 Labor Songs13StoryJack MillerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips30:05:0032:55:002:50
LG 2-38 Labor Songs14SongWe Are the Working ClassJulius MargolinGeorge Mann & Julius Margolin32:55:0036:50:003:55
LG 2-38 Labor Songs15StoryWhat is Socialism: Charlie Kelly & Amasa M. LymanUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:50:0038:45:001:55
LG 2-38 Labor Songs16SongThe Great Fast Food StrikeDeborah Van KleefDeborah Van Kleef38:45:0043:35:004:50
LG 2-38 Labor Songs17CommentThe Stigma of the Working ClassUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips43:35:0044:50:001:15
LG 2-38 Labor Songs18CommentHow to Organize LoggersJudy BariJudy Bari44:50:0048:25:003:35
LG 2-38 Labor Songs19SongLinks in the ChainKate WolfKate Wolf48:25:0052:15:003:50
LG 2-38 Labor Songs20SongGo To Hell, Rotten BossesGeneral StrikeGeneral Strike52:15:0055:00:002:45
LG 2-38 Labor Songs21PoemWho Will Have Me?QuetzalcoatlUtah Phillips55:40:0056:10:000:30
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-39 Peace1CommentThe Human SpiritAlexander SolzhenitsynUtah Phillips0:351:100:35
LG 2-39 Peace2CommentYour Sons in KoreaDouglas MacArthurDouglas MacArthur3:003:200:20
LG 2-39 Peace3StoryHow Did You Get To Be Like That?Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips / Ani DiFranco3:2011:258:05
LG 2-39 Peace4SongI've Got to KnowWoody Guthrie / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:2515:053:40
LG 2-39 Peace5StoryAmmon Hennacy and PacifismUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips15:0520:105:05
LG 2-39 Peace6SongI Will Not ObeyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:1022:202:10
LG 2-39 Peace7StoryWar News: Spanish Civil War to NowUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:2024:20:002:20
LG 2-39 Peace8Song"When I was a young man"???Utah Phillips24:20:0025:35:001:15
LG 2-39 Peace9StoryConscientious Objector SmokejumpersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips25:35:0026:40:001:05
LG 2-39 Peace10PoemPeacejumpersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:40:0028:05:001:25
LG 2-39 Peace11SongAin't It FineUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips28:05:0029:55:001:55
LG 2-39 Peace12Station BreakCarolina MoonKenny Hall29:55:0030:50:000:55
LG 2-39 Peace13SongChickens for PeacePeter AlsopPeter Alsop30:50:0034:15:003:25
LG 2-39 Peace14SongWhere Have All The Flowers GonePete SeegerPete Seeger34:15:0036:20:002:05
LG 2-39 Peace15CommentQuestions & Personal ResponsibilityUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:20:0042:05:005:45
LG 2-39 Peace16Song - C1927PoemWho Are These People?Chris ChandlerChris Chandler43:00:0048:15:005:15
LG 2-39 Peace17SongSeems Like I Don't Belong Here AnymoreCarl OglesbyCarl Oglesby48:15:0052:35:004:20
LG 2-39 Peace18SongEl MartilloPete Seeger & Lee HaysVictor Jara52:35:0055:25:002:50
LG 2-39 Peace19PoemThere Shall Come Soft RainsSara TeasdaleUtah Phillips56:10:0056:40:000:30
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff1PoemThe People YesCarl SandburgUtah Phillips0:451:200:35
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff2Song / Story / CommentRailroading on the Great DivideSarah CarterUtah Phillips2:2513:5011:25
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff3StoryGail I Gardner: Cow PoniesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:5019:255:35
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff4PoemTying Knots in the Devil's TailGail I. GardnerUtah Phillips19:2521:201:55
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff5StoryBackground on the poemUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:2022:401:20
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff6StorySan Francisco Phil MellmanUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:4027:50:005:10
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff7SongThe Timberbeast's Lamentcollected by George Milburn, author unknownUtah Phillips27:50:0029:15:001:25
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff8Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall29:15:0029:40:000:25
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff9StoryEd BelchowskiUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:40:0032:50:003:10
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff10SongSong for Ed BelchowskiUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:50:0035:00:002:10
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff11CommentMy EldersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips35:00:0036:00:001:00
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff12SongYou Noble Diggers AllLeon RosselsonUtah Phillips36:00:0039:55:003:55
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff13StoryMom & DadUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:25:0041:50:001:25
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff14SongBeans, Bacon, and GravyunknownUtah Phillips41:50:0043:30:001:40
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff15StoryFrypan JackUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:00:0046:00:002:00
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff16PoemThe Two BumsFry Pan JackUtah Phillips46:00:0046:45:000:45
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff17Song / Story / commentHallelujah I'm a BumHaywire Mac McClintockUtah Phillips46:45:0055:20:008:35
LG 2-40 Off the Cuff18Poem"As you pass each fence and door..."Ed BelchowskiUtah Phillips56:05:0056:25:000:20

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