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BK Lick Utah Phillips: Loafer's Glory Radio Show (49) Loafer's Glory: Programs 21 - 30 20 Sep 11

Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-21 Mark Ross1PoemOld ButteBerton BraleyMark Ross0:351:000:25
LG 1-21 Mark Ross2CommentMark RossUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:405:002:20
LG 1-21 Mark Ross3StoryThe Great Folk Scare: New York Basket HousesMark RossMark Ross5:007:102:10
LG 1-21 Mark Ross4SongAngels Laid Him Away; Death of Lewis CollinsMississippi John HurtMark Ross7:109:202:10
LG 1-21 Mark Ross5CommentGuitar picking styleUtah Phillips & Mark RossUtah Phillips & Mark Ross9:2011:352:15
LG 1-21 Mark Ross6SongRed Cadillac RagMark RossMark Ross11:3513:301:55
LG 1-21 Mark Ross7StoryMark Ross Hits the RoadUtah Phillips & Mark RossUtah Phillips & Mark Ross13:3017:003:30
LG 1-21 Mark Ross8SongI'd Rather Be in CheyenneMark RossMark Ross17:0020:303:30
LG 1-21 Mark Ross9StoryWriting "Bill Pickett"Utah Phillips & Mark RossUtah Phillips & Mark Ross20:3022:402:10
LG 1-21 Mark Ross10SongOld Bill PickettMark RossMark Ross22:4027:35:004:55
LG 1-21 Mark Ross11Station BreakKenny Hall27:35:0029:25:001:50
LG 1-21 Mark Ross12StoryUncle Dave MaconUtah Phillips & Mark RossUtah Phillips & Mark Ross29:25:0031:20:001:55
LG 1-21 Mark Ross13SongKeep Your Skillet Good and Greasy All the TimeUncle Dave MaconMark Ross31:20:0033:25:002:05
LG 1-21 Mark Ross14SongRoll On BuddyUnknownMark Ross33:25:0036:15:002:50
LG 1-21 Mark Ross15CommentThe IWWUtah Phillips & Mark RossUtah Phillips & Mark Ross36:15:0037:30:001:15
LG 1-21 Mark Ross16SongMysteries of a Hobo's LifeT-Bone SlimMark Ross37:30:0038:50:001:20
LG 1-21 Mark Ross17StorySurviving a Train WreckMark RossMark Ross38:50:0042:05:003:15
LG 1-21 Mark Ross18SongFreight Train BluesThomas Dorsey / Everett MurphyMark Ross42:05:0045:15:003:10
LG 1-21 Mark Ross19SongCracked Looking GlassWoody GuthrieMark Ross45:15:0048:30:003:15
LG 1-21 Mark Ross20CommentButte Montana: Safe From GentrificationUtah Phillips & Mark RossUtah Phillips & Mark Ross48:30:0051:55:003:25
LG 1-21 Mark Ross21SongLook For Me In ButteUtah Phillips & Mark RossMark Ross51:55:0055:15:004:00
LG 1-21 Mark Ross22PoemOld ButteBerton BraleyMark Ross56:00:0056:20:000:20
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-22 Spoken Word1PoemPied Piper of HamelinLord BuckleyLord Buckley0:351:050:30
LG 1-22 Spoken Word2CommentThe Spoken Word: Earl Lyman & Marshall DodgeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:306:052:35
LG 1-22 Spoken Word3StoryCutler HarborMarshall DodgeMarshall Dodge6:059:002:55
LG 1-22 Spoken Word4CommentPre-literate CultureUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips9:0010:401:40
LG 1-22 Spoken Word5PoemThe Old Guy Takes a ShowerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:4012:251:45
LG 1-22 Spoken Word6PoemKing of the RiverStanley KunitzStanley Kunitz12:2516:053:40
LG 1-22 Spoken Word7StoryHow I Learned Story Telling: Myron CohenUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:0518:252:25
LG 1-22 Spoken Word8StoryGoldberg the Spy Myron CohenMyron Cohen18:2520:101:45
LG 1-22 Spoken Word9StoryMatzoh Ball SoupMyron CohenMyron Cohen20:1021:251:15
LG 1-22 Spoken Word10StoryThe Egg-Setting HorseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:2525:20:003:55
LG 1-22 Spoken Word11PoemPurt' Near PerkinsS. Omar BarkerPop Wagner25:20:0028:50:003:30
LG 1-22 Spoken Word12Station BreakMexican RondelayKenny Hall28:50:0031:00:001:10
LG 1-22 Spoken Word13StoryThe Dancing Chicken of Mott StreetUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips31:00:0034:00:003:00
LG 1-22 Spoken Word14StoryVachel Lindsay: City of Laughing BellsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:00:0038:30:004:30
LG 1-22 Spoken Word15PoemThe Flower-fed BuffaloVachel LindsayVachel Lindsay38:30:0039:35:001:05
LG 1-22 Spoken Word16StoryWhat I Want From a TownUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:35:0041:05:001:30
LG 1-22 Spoken Word17StoryGamble RogersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips41:05:0043:00:001:55
LG 1-22 Spoken Word18StorySaturday Afternoon at the Baby GrandGamble RogersGamble Rogers43:00:0045:45:002:45
LG 1-22 Spoken Word19StoryLetter From Grimes CreekNancy SorrelsRosalie Sorrels45:45:0050:30:004:45
LG 1-22 Spoken Word20PoemDepressionLes PineLes Pine50:30:0055:55:005:25
LG 1-22 Spoken Word21PoemWhat Everyone NeedsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips55:55:0057:40:001:45
LG 1-22 Spoken Word22PoemI Think That I Shall Never See..Ogden NashUtah Phillips58:30:0058:40:000:10
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-23 More Tramping1Poem"I saw the running man"???Utah Phillips0:401:350:55
LG 1-23 More Tramping2StoryMemorial Day & the Paper-Trained RaccoonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:004:452:45
LG 1-23 More Tramping3SongThe Song of the TrampMalcolm LegetteMalcolm Legette5:108:503:40
LG 1-23 More Tramping4StoryFrying Pan JackUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:5010:502:00
LG 1-23 More Tramping5SongRambling, Reckless Hobo (Bumming a Railroad Train)TraditionalBurnett and Rutherford10:5014:353:45
LG 1-23 More Tramping6StorySlow Motion ShortyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips14.3516:001:25
LG 1-23 More Tramping7SongThe Bum Song Haywire Mac McClintockFred Holstein16:0020:504:50
LG 1-23 More Tramping8StoryRail Dogs: QueenieUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:5022:351:45
LG 1-23 More Tramping9StoryCrossing the Great DivideUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:3523:401:05
LG 1-23 More Tramping10SongQueen of the RailsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:4027:00:003:20
LG 1-23 More Tramping11StoryGordon Vales, the Torn-Paper ArtistUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips27:00:0028:45:001:45
LG 1-23 More Tramping12SongThe Shadow MakerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips28:45:0030:35:001:50
LG 1-23 More Tramping13Station BreakKenny Hall30:35:0031:00:000:25
LG 1-23 More Tramping14Story Jack Miller: The Burning of the Bindles 1917Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips31:00:0034:00:003:00
LG 1-23 More Tramping15SongThe Lumberjack's PrayerT-Bone SlimUtah Phillips34:00:0035:50:001:50
LG 1-23 More Tramping16SongCannery Bill Vernon PartlowVernon Partlow35:50:0039:50:004:00
LG 1-23 More Tramping17StoryWorking CarnieUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:50:0040:50:001:00
LG 1-23 More Tramping18SongCircus DaysHaywire Mac McClintockHaywire Mac McClintock40:50:0044:15:003:25
LG 1-23 More Tramping19PoemMy Wild Irish RoseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:15:0046:40:002:25
LG 1-23 More Tramping20SongBefore They Close the Minstrel ShowBob ColtmanBob Coltman46:40:0051:15:004:35
LG 1-23 More Tramping21SongHobo's LullabyGoebel ReevesGoebel Reeves51:15:0053:00:001:45
LG 1-23 More Tramping22PoemThe Parting Song (Journey's End)J. B. GoodenoughUtah Phillips53:45:0054:35:000:50
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels1Poem"Hand me a star..."Kenneth PatchenUtah Phillips0:351:200:45
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels2StoryGrimes Creek: On the Phone with RosalieRosalie Sorrels / Utah PhillipsRosalie Sorrels / Utah Phillips1:406:004:20
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels3SongUtah's DixieUnknownRosalie Sorrels6:009:103:10
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels4StoryUnitarians in Boise / Malvina ReynoldsRosalie Sorrels / Utah PhillipsRosalie Sorrels / Utah Phillips9:1012:303:20
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels5SongSomewhere BetweenMalvina ReynoldsRosalie Sorrels12:3015:353:05
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels6CommentThe Model of a FolksingerRosalie Sorrels / Utah PhillipsRosalie Sorrels / Utah Phillips15:3518:102:45
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels7SongSweet Loving FriendshipPeter BellamyRosalie Sorrels18:1022:454:35
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels8CommentOn Tour: Bruce CarverRosalie Sorrels / Utah PhillipsRosalie Sorrels / Utah Phillips22:4525:05:002:20
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels9SongGoing AwayUtah PhillipsRosalie Sorrels / Bruce Carver25:05:0032:20:007:15
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels10Station BreakKenny Hall32:20:0032:55:000:35
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels11CommentAutobiographical Songs: Rosalie 1950s-1970sRosalie Sorrels / Utah PhillipsRosalie Sorrels / Utah Phillips32:55:0036:50:003:55
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels12SongHitchhiker in the RainRosalie SorrelsRosalie Sorrels36:50:0041:40:004:50
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels13StoryBetween the Songs: the Boy Scout KnifeRosalie SorrelsRosalie Sorrels41:40:0049:50:008:10
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels14CommentIf I Could Be the Rain / A Birthday PartyRosalie Sorrels / Utah PhillipsRosalie Sorrels / Utah Phillips49:50:0052:00:002:10
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels15SongIf I Could Be the RainUtah PhillipsRosalie Sorrels / Mitch Greenhill52:00:0055:05:003:05
LG 1-24 Rosalie Sorrels16PoemMy Love for the WestRosalie SorrelsUtah Phillips55:50:0057:05:001:15
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew1Poem"Radio. Airwave. A pigeon with a message"???Utah Phillips0:401:100:30
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew2StorySporadic Times / The Judge / Malvina ReynoldsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:404:001:20
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew3SongThe Judge SaidMalvina ReynoldsMalvina Reynolds4:006:402:40
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew4StorySmithsonian Folklife Festival: Sarah Ogun GunningUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips6:409:152:35
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew5SongCome All You Coal MinersSarah Ogun GunningSarah Ogun Gunning9:1511:153:00
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew6StoryNimrod WorkmanUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:1512:401:25
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew7SongBoth Lungs Is Broke DownNimrod WorkmanNimrod Workman12:4015:152:35
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew8StorySinging in the Sheep Barn: Shape Note SingingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips15:1517:252:10
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew9SongWondrous LoveAlexander Means / William WalkerNew York Sheep Barn Chorus (field recording)17:2520:152:50
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew10StorySara ClevelandUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:1523:002:45
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew11SongBallad of Sara and JohnBodie WagnerBodie Wagner23:0027:30:004:30
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew12Station BreakKenny Hall27:30:0029:30:002:00
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew13StoryChicago: Eddie BelchowskiUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:30:0031:10:001:40
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew14SongDie Moorsoldaten - The Peatbog SoldiersHans EislerEddie Belchowski31:10:0035:00:003:50
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew15StoryStaying at Freedom Hall in ChicagoUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips35:00:0038:45:003:45
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew16SongSeptember SongM. Anderson / Kurt WeillWalter Huston38:45:0041:30:002:45
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew17SongCloudsJudy CollinsDave Van Ronk41:30:0045:55:004:25
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew18StoryFred HolsteinUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips45:55:0047:30:001:35
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew19PoemTo Be A ManDonna HandelinUtah Phillips47:30:0049:05:001:35
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew20SongTouch MeUtah PhillipsFred Holstein49:05:0051:20:002:15
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew21StoryIdaho Blackie and the LordUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:20:0053:50:002:30
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew22SongThe InternationalEugene PottierLen Wallace53:50:0056:00:002:10
LG 1-25 Jungle Stew23Special"Never say that I have lost such a thing, but that I have returned it."EpictetusUtah Phillips56:45:0056:55:000:10
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back1PoemEarth VersesGary SnyderUtah Phillips0:300:450:15
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back2StoryHarvest TimeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:505:002:10
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back3SongWish I Had Stayed in the Wagon YardTraditionalUtah Phillips5:006:501:50
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back4StoryJerry AndrusUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips6:509:452:55
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back5PoemThe MagicianJoan ColbyUtah Phillips9:4511:151:30
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back6SongMagical SongMalvina ReynoldsMalvina Reynolds11:1513:051:50
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back7StoryMesaba ParkUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:0515:502:45
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back8Song???Baron PaakkunainenKarelia15:5018:052:15
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back9StorySummer Solstice at MesabaUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips18:0519:401:35
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back10SongThe InternationalEugene PottierWinnipeg Labor Choir19:4023:253:45
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back11StoryMy Heart Condition and New Age HealingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:2526:35:002:50
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back12StoryThe Rose Tattoo at Deer LakeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:35:0028:50:002:15
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back13PoemSheep and GoatsMike QuirkeUtah Phillips28:50:0030:00:001:10
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back14SongHe Comes Like Rain, Like Wind He GoesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips / Rose Tattoo30:00:0032:30:002:30
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back15Station BreakKenny Hall32:30:0033:45:001:15
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back16StoryTattooingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips33:45:0037:30:003:45
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back17SongQueen of the RailsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:30:0040:35:003:05
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back18CommentLiberty Justice and H. O. B. O.Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:35:0042:45:002:10
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back19SongHOBO / Ridin' on a Dirty Freight TrainGoebel ReevesGoebel Reeves42:45:0045:35:002:50
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back20StoryDakota Sid and the 1932 Plymouth RoadsterDakota Sid CliffordUtah Phillips45:35:0049:15:004:40
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back21SongFrisco RoadUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips49:15:0053:40:004:25
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back22SongThe Road to MandalayRudyard KiplingJerry Colonna53:40:0055:40:002:00
LG 2-26 A Magical Welcome Back23Poem"I wish to be an inspector of volcanoes"Edward AbbeyUtah Phillips56:20:0056:50:000:40
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-27 Kids1PoemOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeShel SilversteinUtah Phillips0:351:050:30
LG 2-27 Kids2StoryHow We Come to Leave Spokane: Valuable ResourcesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:356:003:25
LG 2-27 Kids3SongIt's Only a Wee-WeePeter AlsopUtah Phillips6:008:452:45
LG 2-27 Kids4Comment Little KidsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:4510:401:55
LG 2-27 Kids5SongKids' LiberationUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:4012:351:55
LG 2-27 Kids6StoryLashonda BedellUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:3514:001:25
LG 2-27 Kids7SongFly Away, Little BirdUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips14:0015:301:30
LG 2-27 Kids8CommentKids' LanguagesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips15:3016:250:55
LG 2-27 Kids9SongYou Gotta Talk My LanguageGeorge Ward George Ward16:2519:052:40
LG 2-27 Kids10StoryRosalie Sorrels Cleans HouseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips19:0520:451:40
LG 2-27 Kids11SongI'm Gonna TellRosalie SorrelsUtah Phillips20:4523:052:20
LG 2-27 Kids12StoryBrendan and the Broadside PoemUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:0524:50:001:45
LG 2-27 Kids13PoemWhen I Broke the WindowUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:50:0025:25:000:35
LG 2-27 Kids14SongDear Mr. PresidentPeter AlsopPeter Alsop25:25:0028:25:003:00
LG 2-27 Kids15Station BreakKenny Hall28:25:0029:45:001:20
LG 2-27 Kids16StoryThe Pig with a Wooden LegUtah Phillips / TraditionalUtah Phillips29:45:0033:00:003:15
LG 2-27 Kids17SongA Chat with Your Mom: The F-WordLou and Peter BerrymanCathy Fink33:00:0037:25:004:25
LG 2-27 Kids18StoryMorgan Belle and Idaho Blackie: OatmealUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:25:0040:20:002:55
LG 2-27 Kids19SongBe Kind to Your ParentsH. RomePete Seeger40:20:0041:30:001:10
LG 2-27 Kids20CommentSelf-Education: Memory and CuriosityUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips41:30:0044:25:002:55
LG 2-27 Kids21SongWhat Did You Learn in School TodayTom PaxtonTom Paxton44:25:0046:05:001:40
LG 2-27 Kids22CommentSchools prepare you for the Workplace / UnionsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips46:05:0048:25:002:20
LG 2-27 Kids23SongThe PrincipleJohn McCutcheon / Si KahnJohn McCutcheon0:253:001:35
LG 2-27 Kids24SongKids On StrikeJohn McCutcheon / Si KahnJohn McCutcheon3:006:153:15
LG 2-27 Kids25SongAlabama JubileeGeorge L. Cobb / Jack YellenCheap Suit Serenaders6:157:451:30
LG 2-27 Kids26PoemSaid The Little BoyShel SilversteinUtah Phillips8:208:500:30
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII1SongBanquets, Parties, and Balls???Utah Phillips0:050:250:15
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII2CommentMemories of WWIIUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:052:251:20
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII3CommentAnnouncing the D-Day Invasion /Broadcast from the BeachesD. D. Eisenhower /unknownD. D. Eisenhower /unknown2:254:352:10
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII4SongThe D-Day DodgersHamish HendersonMark Ross4:357:403:05
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII5CommentThe CIO and the WarUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:4010:002:20
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII6SongUAW-CIOWoody GuthrieUtah Phillips10:0012:052:05
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII7StoryThe Time I Killed the SwanUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:0520:158:10
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII8SongRight in the Fuehrer's FaceSpike JonesSpike Jones20:1523:002:45
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII9StoryMy Neighborhood Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:0026:20:003:20
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII10SongTommy Rattigan's ChristmasUtah PhillipsMark Ross26:20:0029:50:003:30
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII11Station BreakKenny Hall29:50:0031:00:001:10
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII12StoryPeter Wartzmann & Aaron LiebeskindUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips31:00:0033:45:002:45
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII13SongTo My Little Son Aaron Liebeskind / Alexander WertynskiAleksanderr Kuliesewicz33:45:0038:15:004:30
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII14StoryThe Enola GayUtah Phillips / Tom FerebeeUtah Phillips / Tom Ferebee38:15:0041:35:003:20
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII15SongEnola GayUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips41:35:0044:15:002:40
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII16CommentAfter the War: The Progressive Movement SongsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:15:0046:20:002:05
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII17SongOld Man AtomVernon PartlowSons of the Pioneers46:20:0049:20:003:00
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII18Poem6-Aug-50Sankichi Toge / Tr. Richard H. MinearJoanna Robinson / Fusako Yoshida (Koto)49:20:0054:15:004:55
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII19CommentShould we use the Bomb in Korea?Testimony of James E. Van Zandt, R_PA, 5/8/53 TVJames Van Zandt, William H. Peterson54:15:0055:05:000:50
LG 2-28 Memories of WWII20SongNazi Balls???Utah Phillips55:50:0056:00:000:10
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-29 Animals1PoemA Song Sparrow Singing in the FallWendell BerryUtah Phillips0:300:500:20
LG 2-29 Animals2CommentPerforming Animals Welfare SocietyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:003:051:05
LG 2-29 Animals3CommentEarthworms: Merlin to King Arthur???Utah Phillips3:053:500:35
LG 2-29 Animals4SongSnake Baked a HoecakeJody StecherJody Stecher3:505:252:05
LG 2-29 Animals5CommentChickens!Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:257:302:05
LG 2-29 Animals6SongWould You Like to Swing on a StarJimmy Van Huesen / Johnny BurkeDave Van Ronk7:3010:303:30
LG 2-29 Animals7StoryThoroughbred HorsesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:3012:302:00
LG 2-29 Animals8CommentTelling Stories Live / PegasusUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:3014:302:00
LG 2-29 Animals9PoemMustang With Wings: The Flying OutlawCurley FletcherSlim Kite14:3018:103:40
LG 2-29 Animals10StoryDogsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips18:1019:401:30
LG 2-29 Animals11SongOld ShepRed FoleyRamblin' Jack Elliott19:4023:504:10
LG 2-29 Animals12StoryRail Dogs: Onie and QueenieUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:5026:00:002:10
LG 2-29 Animals13SongI Wanna Be a DogBarry Louis Polisar???26:00:0028:05:002:05
LG 2-29 Animals14Station BreakKenny Hall28:05:0029:35:001:30
LG 2-29 Animals15StoryStan Hugill: Whale SongsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:35:0030:55:001:10
LG 2-29 Animals16SongThe Whaleman's LamentunknownStuart Frank30:55:0033:50:002:55
LG 2-29 Animals17SongThe Wounded WhaleArchie FisherArchie Fisher33:50:0037:55:004:05
LG 2-29 Animals18Comment(Seal people)???Utah Phillips37:55:0038:50:000:55
LG 2-29 Animals19SongThe Song of the SealsJean RedpathJean Redpath38:50:0043:25:004:35
LG 2-29 Animals20StoryMaking Wild Sounds: the Frogs' ChorusUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips and friends43:25:0045:00:001:35
LG 2-29 Animals21StoryThe History of "Froggie Went Courting"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips45:00:0046:00:001:00
LG 2-29 Animals22SongFroggie Would A'Courting GoTraditionalAlmeida Riddle46:00:0049:05:003:05
LG 2-29 Animals23CommentWill Geer and Burl IvesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips49:05:0050:40:001:35
LG 2-29 Animals24SongJimmy Crack CornTraditionalBurl Ives50:40:0053:00:002:20
LG 2-29 Animals25SongMud, Mud, Glorious Mud / The Drop of a HatFlanders & SwannFlanders & Swann53:00:0055:40:002:40
LG 2-29 Animals26PoemIn the DesertStephen CraneUtah Phillips56:15:0056:55:000:40
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs1PoemAmericaThomas WolfeUtah Phillips0:251:251:00
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs2StoryTrampingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:203:401:20
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs3SongRailroading on the Great DivideSarah CarterJim Ringer3:406:403:00
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs4StoryBeing unemployedUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips6:408:101:30
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs5PoemThe Hobo & the Right of Wayfrom The Hobo's HornbookFran DeLorenzo8:109:501:40
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs6SongWanderin'Traditional. See Carl Sandburg's American SongbagFran DeLorenzo9:5013:003:10
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs7StoryMy First TrampsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:0014:001:00
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs8PoemThe Last Ride"Beard"; as Song, Recorded by Buell KazeeUtah Phillips14:0016:202:20
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs9StoryThe Red Card as Rail Ticket / DehorningUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:2018:402:20
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs10SongCasey Jones - The Union ScabJoe HillUtah Phillips18:4021:352:55
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs11CommentSisters of the Road CafeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:3524:25:002:50
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs12SongI Remember Loving YouUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:25:0027:20:002:55
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs13Station BreakKenny Hall27:20:0028:25:001:05
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs14StoryRailroad Bill: Morris SlaterUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips28:25:0030:20:001:55
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs15SongRailroad BillTraditionalEtta Baker30:20:0031:10:000:50
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs16SongRailroad BillTraditionalBill Morris31:10:0034:40:003:30
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs17StoryAmmon Hennacy and Lucy ParsonsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:40:0040:55:006:15
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs18SongOld Buddy GoodnightUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:55:0043:25:002:30
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs19StoryBodie Wagner Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips43:25:0045:50:002:25
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs20SongWooly Bum ManBodie WagnerBodie Wagner45:50:0048:15:002:25
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs21StoryKate Wolf at the Cafe LenaUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips48:15:0050:25:002:10
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs22SongLost Train BluesWoody GuthrieWoody Guthrie50:25:0051:00:000:35
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs23SongAshes Strewn on the SeaUtah PhillipsKendall Morris51:00:0055:35:004:35
LG 2-30 Tramp Songs24PoemAmericaThomas WolfeUtah Phillips56:10:0057:30:001:20

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