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chico Lyr Add: Assorted Campaign Songs (Postbellum)^^ (1) Lyr Add: Assorted Campaign Songs (Postbellum) 02 Sep 05

(Campaign of 1868) Captain Grant of the Black Marines.txt

AIR -- 'Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines'

      G                                       C       D7      G
I am Captain Grant of the Black Marines the stupidest man that ever was seen
                         C      G          C      D7            G
I make no speech that's what I mean but I cut a swell in the army
   C                   G             A7            D7   
I teach the taxpayers how to dance, how to dance, how to dance
G   C       Cm       G                A7                D 7
I teach the taxpayers how to dance, for I'm the pet of the army

    G                     D7       G    C       D7       G
I'm captain Grant of the Black marines, I go it blind for all extreme
                C      G         C            D7       G
I have no policy as it seems, but go with the radical army

I smoke my weed and drink my gin, paying with the people's tin
And if the White House I get in, I'll still stay in the Army
All the people think it strange, think it strange, think it strange
All the people think it strange, that I don't resign from the Army

Spoken: "Well I dont care if they do. I'm not a fool to give up a sure thing. I'm boss and Congress has got to fix matters to suit."

For President my name they run, but I for one, don't like the fun
For Seymour'll beat me two to one, although I'm head of the Army
When the people find us out, find us out find us out
When the people find us out, they'll disband the black marine army.

* * *

(Campaign of 1868) General Grant's the Man.txt

    F                            Bb               F
O! reconstruction is the rage all over this fair land,
    Bb      F         C7    F         Bb         G7    C
And in the game it's very clear that all should take a hand;
C7   F                           Bb             F
We want a bran new President and only one will answer
    Bb      F         C7         F         Bb      C7          F
But sure as guns he'll take the chair, for General Grant's our man, sir.

                   Bb                  F
Roll On! Roll on! time will tell the tale.
D7                     Gm       F    C7
Roll On! Roll on! the cause can never fail.
          F                           Bb                F
Now the cruel war is over here, yet still we've work to do,
       Bb         F       C7    F       Bb       C7       F
Then three time three for U. S. G. and General Grant's our man, sir.

Our candidate has never ran for office, that we know,
And certainly he's never run from any mortal foe!
The boys in blue tell the tale wherev'r they get the chance, sir,
They won't forget the days of old, and General Grant's the man, sir.

He'll make the nation brighten up
Just like his own agar;
And all discordant elements
He'll quiet near and far;
So-- on this line we'll fight it well
It's sure to be our plan, sir.
Then three times three for E. S. G.
O! General Grant's the man, sir.

[(1868) Words by George Cooper, Music by Henry Tucker]

* *

(Campaign of 1868) Grant Medley from Root & Cady.txt

AIR -- 'Tramp Tramp Tramp'

       G                            C             G
We are coming to the fight, with our leader at our head
       Em             A7                D (A7 D7)
And we know his heart is true, his arm is strong
We will struggle for the right as we did when first he led,
          C                  D7               G
And the 'Battle cry of Freedom' was our song

GRANT GRANT GRANT the land is calling,
D       A7                D (A7 D7)
Good bye Andy you may go
       G                            C             G
We will place him at our head who our bannered host has led
C#      Em    A7      D    7       G   
And to whom a traitor ever is a foe

AIR -- 'Kingdom Coming'
       A                                        7          E7        
Come brave men, true men, all get ready for the coming election day
    A                      7                     D       E7      A
We'll fight anuew our country's battles and our country's call obey
    D               A                      D             E7
our sword shall be the freeman's ballot and our field the ballot-box
    A               F#m                      E          7    A
And I tell you what, we'll give the ANdy's some pretty stiff hard knocks

    D                     A             E7
Hurrah, hurrah, for Grant! For Grant, for Grant hurrah!
    A       7       D                      E7       A
Now wake up boys for 'lection's coming for 'lection, boys, hurrah!

AIR -- 'Battle Cry of Freedom'

          E               C#m                A   7      F#m
We're going to Election boys, we're going there to vote
E                         G#m   F#
Hurrah for the ballot-box of Freedom
         E             C#m             A      7       F#m
And we'll thrust their boasts and vauntings, down each rebel-traitor's throat
E                            B7 E
Hurrah for the ballot-box of Freedom

             A       E    (C#m)    E
Ulysses forever! Hurrah b oys hurrah!
    (G#m)    E   A    E            B
Down with the traitor and up with our Star!
B7         E      G#7      C#m          A    E    A Bb
For we're going to Election, boys, we're going there to vote
   E          C#m          B7sus4 B7 E
Vote in the ballot-box of freedom

AIR -- 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home'

Em                                        G       D
Oh! hearken to the glorious news, hurrah, hurrah!
    Em                            Bm       G    B7
The rebels all have got the blues, hurrah! Hurrah!
    G                  D                   C             B7
The people all are turning out, with drum and banner, song and shout
       G       D       Em    B7    Em            D Em
And the Ku Klux Klans are a-trembling in their shoes

[Root & Cady, put out a collection of Grant campaign ditties, most of which were set tot hose airs copyrighted by that company]

* * *

(Campaign of 1868) Not For Grant.txt

AIR -- 'Not for Joseph'

   G            D7                        G
I met a man the other day he asked how I did
                      C                A7             D (7)
And talked awhile in that same way, when on to this he slid
The Radicals must win this time, defeat us Seymour can't
                      C               D7                G
For all true men will surely vote said I, "But not for Grant"

G    C    G       C    D7                G
Oh no no! Not for Grant, you can't buy 'em for your Hiram
Oh, dear no! That is so, not for Hiram U.S. Grant.

The man was spouting politics before a little crowd
So I just stopped to listen he talked so very loud
When he turned to me and shouted 'Beat us! Why Seymour can't
For all the honest people vote' Said --'But not for Grant'

I went to hear friend Horace speak Before a colfax club
He told them Grant would surely win, and that without a 'rub'
For ever all the land said he our flag they'll proudly plant
And men who lovel the truth will vote Said I 'But not for Grant'

I heard Dan Sickles tell the boys, the boys who wore the blue
That Grant and Colfax were the men to whom they msut be true
That all there soldiers of the land whose hearts for freedom pant
Would vote for men with whom they fought said I 'But not for Grant"

Now I'm a boy who wore the blue, and fought through all the war
I did my duty to the last, and vbear the wound and scar
But I shall cast my vote for one though Sickles says I can't
Who bravely led the 'boys in blue' but 'tis not U.S. Grant

[From Seymour & Blair Song book. Hiram Seymour was the Governor of New York and reluctant Democratic nominee. Horace refers to Greeley's support of Grant, whom he later would campaign against in the following election.]

* * *

To my friend M. Ainsley Scott.
We'll Go With Grant Again (1866)
The Song of the Sons of Monroe
Words by George Cooper, 1838-1927
Music by Henry Tucker, 1826-1884

New York William A. Pond & Co., 547 Broadway
[Source 100009462@HSMLoC]

The musket hangs upon the wall, the knapsack's laid aside,
The fight is won, no more we'll wade in battle's ragind tide,
But boys we'll keep our powder dry, we know not what may come,
Though all is fair and peaceful now 'neath Freedom's lofty dome,
And if the dawn of War should come while loyal hearts remain,
We'll take the old familiar guns and go with Grant again.

CHORUS [sung after each verse]
We'll go with Grant again my boys,
We'll go with Grant again, Hurrah!
We'll take the old familiar guns and go with Grant again.

Oh! never be our brother, boys, the foe that we must meet,
But altogether let our lips the Union song repeat;
The stars once more upon our flag are gleaming in their might;
Then let the past be buried, boys, the future now is bright,
But should outsiders rouse our boys, and hopes of concord wane,
We take the old familiar guns and go with Grant again.

There seems to be a little clould just rising in the sky;
Napoleon, down in Mexico, is fighting rather shy,
But Uncle Sam has let him know that he had better quit;
We're slow to take offence, my boys, but mighty hard to hit;
If Maximilian will not go, the way to fix him's plain,
We'll take the old familiar guns and go with Grant again.

CODA (ad lib) after CHORUS to last verse.
For auld lang syne my boys, for auld lang syne,
We'll take the old familiar guns and go with Grant again.

* * *

1868: White Man's Banner

AIR -- 'Bonnie Blue Flag'
C   C G7 C (G7) C C G7 C
    C             F       C             G7
Raise high the white man's banner, let it float upon the air
Am                F          G7               C
Fling to the breeze the honor'd names of Seymour and of Blair
      C                     F             C                G7
Of Seymour who a statesman is f Blair, the hero bold
    C (Em)      F          C         G7             C
And let the laurel rwreath surround these blazon'd names of gold

    C      G7       F                   C
Hurrah, Hurrah! For Seymour and Blair hurrah! Hurrah!
   Am (Em)      F            C       G7             C
For the White man's flag, with ev'ry state a star

With names like these to rall round the foe will find us strong
In vindicating every right in crushing out each wrong
Come then, all free-born patriots, join with a brave intent
To vindicate our fathers' choice a white man's government

No carpet-bag or Negro rules for men who truly prize
The heritage of glory from our sires the true the wise
Let Grant and Colfax fight beneath their flag of sable hue
The White Man's banner we will raise and conquer with it too!

* * *

(Campaign of 1872) Anything to Beat Grant Greeley.txt

AIR -- 'Kingdom Coming'

       A                                              7            E7                
Say, Union boys, have you seen old Greeley with the dough upon his face
          A                         7       D          E7      A
Has has left the good old Union Party, and taken Jeff Davis' place
    D                A                     D             E7
He went from New York on to Richmond for to go Jeff Davis' bail
       A                F#m                   E       7       A
He got hold then of the secesh feelings but the hold was on the tail

    D                           A                E7
The Union Greeley, ha! ha! The Secesh Greeley, ho! ho!
          A                     7             D       E7       A
The 'Anything to Beat Grant' Greeley But he'll find he can't win so

For a better hold, ha! ha! He had to bolt ho ho!
From the good and true old Union Party but hell find he can't win so

Old Greeley's dead that good old man, we ne'er shall see him more
He used to wear an old white coat, all button down before
Upon his head an old white hat, he always used to wear
To cover up his shining head, so destitute of hair

A pair of massive spectacles he wore upon his nose
Which made him look nebevolent as everybody knows
He was a great newspaperman and pulished the "Tribune"
And every day, or month, at least, he always changed his tune

[From 'National Republican Grant & Wilson Campaign Song Book. Verses 2 & 3 are from 'Obituary for Horace Greeley' a different song in the same book.]

* * *

(Campaign of 1872) Down with Grant!.txt

AIR -- 'Not for Joseph'

      A             E7                            A
When useless came to Washington he wore a jaunty plume
                        D             B7               E (7)
The Dents and Murphys crowded in and drove him to his doom
His nephews and his cousins all came up to win the race
                   D             E7             A
And every man who gave a dog was sure to get a place

A          D    A       D   E7                A
Down with Grant, Useless Grant! Up with Greeley, good old Greely!
Down with Grant Useless Grant! Hurrah for Greeley! Old White Hat!

[Farmer of Chappaqua Songster]

* * *

(Campaign of 1872) Hurrah Hurah for Grant and Wilson.txt

AIR -- 'John Brown's Body'

We'll hang the 'Lib'ral' Greeley on a sour apple tree
    C                               G
Because he bailed Jeff Davis and he set the traitor fre
D7 G                         B7             Em
He never can be president as you can plainly see
   Am    G   D7   G
As we go marching on

    G                                    C                        G
Hurrah! Hurrah for Grant and Wilson, Hurrah Hurrah for Grant and Wilson
                              B7 Em    Am    D7      G
Hurrah, Hurrah, for Grant and Wilson as we go marching on

The Soreheads and Copperheads at Cincinnati quoth
"We'll beat 'the man on horseback'" and they sealed it with an oath
But wait until November and he'll surely beat them both

The Cincinnati thimble-riggers think they've hit the plan
To cheat the common people into voting for their man
But when the votes are counted, General Grant will lead the van

This Fourier-free-love Greely, with his 'Triple Sheet' Tribune
A-Blowing for 'protection' and the wicked French Commune
To win the votes of Democrats he must sing another tune

He's a make-believe old farmer, and he wrote a foolish book
Which now they say will win him votes from every farming nook
They'll find the people never bite at such a naked hook

The people can't be cheated by the color of his coat
He's sailing up Salt River since he fairly got afloat
"The CincinnatiPlatform" is the title of his boat

[Charles Fourier invented a system of communal farming that Greeley adopted in his Brook Farm, which he partially sponsored. Senator Henry Wilson of Massachusetts was Grant's running-mate.]

* * *

(Campaign of 1876) Boys in Blue.txt

AIR -- 'Wearing of the Green'

    D                Bm               Em                A7
Oh! Comrades dear and did you hear the news that's going round
      G                   D             A7                D (A7)
They say the 'Rebs' shall rule again on free Columbia's ground
D                      Bm             Em               A7
Shall the Rebel gray be put on guard to rule the boys in blue
    G             D                A7                D
No never for the cry goes up, "For Hayes and Wheeler too!"
For Hayes, and Wheeler too, [my boys] For Hayes, and Wheeler too
We'll cast our vote--the Boys in Blue, for Hayes and Wheeler too

We staked our lives and fortunes all for our country and its laws
We fought the fight of Liberty and saved the union cause
We want no men to rule us now but the loyal, staunch and true
And "Hayes & Wheeler" is the card to win the Boys in Blue

We want no worn-out "party hacks" but men of spotless worth
Whose record shines out clean clear from their very day of birth
No Tilden, Tweed, or Morrissey, for the brave old Boys in Blue
But every "mother's son" cries out for Hayes and Wheeler too

* * *

(Campaign of 1876) Hold the Fort For Tilden.txt

AIR -- 'Hold the Fort'

C                F             C             G7
Ho, reformers see the signal, waving in the sky
   C          F       F#    G   D7    G7
Reinforcements now appearing victory is nigh

C             F       C      F               G7
"Ho! Ye voters, pure and honest, rally with us then
C                F                  G7               C
"We will vote for Tilden, Hendricks, honest men we'll try"

See corruption boldly stalking in our Congress Hall
In our presidential mansion tainting great and small

See the rings, the combinations, whiskey, railroad, land
Wicked schemes for 'peculations, rife on every hand

See the shameful defalcations in our savings banks
Robbing poor men, widows, orphans, by their thieving pranks

See our commerce credit sinking factories are still
Workmen idle, begging, starving, suffering every ill

See our taxes, swelling, rising, money almost gone
Produce falling, no one buying, farmers' faces long

See the host of office-holders, honest be they can't
For if honest faithful, worthy, they're turned out by Grant

See the office-holders' ticket running in Grant's track
If elected, 'no removals' no reform in fact

Come, then voters, come go with us, Vote for Uncle Sam
He has throttled many evils, yes he has and can

Uncle Sam is like Old Hickory, firm and true as steel,
His true heart it has no lover, but our country's weal

No seductive woman tempter can draw him aside
His loved wife is our whole country, she's his only bride

['Illustrated Campagin Tilden Song & Joke Book']

* * *

(Campaign of 1876) Hurrah for Hayes & Honest Ways.txt

      G          C                D7             G
Come on ye jolly boys in gray and you my boys in blue
       E7                Am                D7                G (C   G)
We'll clasp the hand all o'er the land for gallant Hayes and Wheeler true
                         D7       G          C       E7         Am   D7
For north and south for east and west, long float the flag that's o'er us
G?                     Eb7             G       D7       G
Hurrah for Hayes and honest ways, with millions in the chorus! [CHORUS repeat 1st verse]

Ho! Ev'ry one both old and young that's past his one-and-twenty
To vote for Hayes and honest ways means freedom peace and plenty
The names that from our banners flash light up the way before us
While all along a mighty throng roll up a rousing chorus

Now let the blue deep vault resound while FORTUNE smiling o'er us
Repeats to FAME the magic name, that fires the mighty chorus
The Bird of Freedom soaring high, see growing ev'ry minute
The vote for Hayes and honest ways, And says 'There's millions in it'

We've had enough of SHAM in high and SHAM in low place hiding
The men we want are on the flag still true and trust confiding
There's naught but TRUTH and HONOR pays, corruption's doom has met it
Hurrah for Hayes and honest ways, They'll win don't you forget it

    C       C#       G/D    Em (Eb7) G       D7       G
Hurrah for Hayes and honest ways, Hip! Hip! Hurrah, Hurrah!

* * *

(Campaign of 1880) Now I am the Leader of the Democracee.txt

AIR -- 'When I was a lad' (HMS Pinafore, Sullivan)

    A                                  A               E7
When I was a lad I went to school where Uncle sam sends many a fool
   A                            Am?                B7                      E
I polished up my buttons and I swept my room for which I was rewarded by a democratic boom
    E    B7          E
(He was rewarded by a democratic boom)

   A                         7             D                            A
I polished up my buttons so carefulee that now I am the leader of the Democracee
    A                                        D             E7               A
(He polished up his buttons so carefulee that now he is the leader of the Democracee)

In right-about-face I made such a mark, that they gave me the post of an Adjutant's cleark
I served the Ad. with a smile so bland and I copied all the letters in a big rond hand
In right-about-face I was so free, that they made me the leader of the Democracee

As a white cadet, I made such a name, that a pet of the South I soon became
I wore white gloves and a bran' new suit at the bottom of my class at the Institute
So they dropped all their issues and nominated me, and now I am the leader of the Democracee

My political ignorance becamse so great that they took me up as a candidate
So why shouldn't I obey the party's call, since I shall never have to think for myself at all
I knew so little that they rewarded me, by making me the leader of the Democracee

Of civil life I knew no more, than Tilden knows of military lore
So they abandoned him and his great 'reform' and fled to me, 'Any port in a storm'
They abandoned all their leaders and beged of me, to come and be the leader of the democracee

In the Union war I fought so well that my name is greeted with the'rebel yell'
Of a 'man on horseback' they had such fear, that they nominated me, which is rather queer
'Twas a right-about-face to nominate me, and now I am the leader of the Democracee

Now, Americans all, whoever you may be, I'll give you a bit of strategee
Never go to any but a militar school and be careful to be guided by this Democratic rule
Keep away from the polls and let politics be and you all may be leaders of the Democracee

[from the 'Garfield and Arthur Campaign Songbook'. Uses a Gilbert & Sullivan-derived parody to ridicule the democratic Nominee, Winfield Hancock, a military general with no political experience.]

* * *

(Campaign of 1880) When the Johnnies get into Power.txt

AIR -- 'When Johnny Comes marching Home Again'

          Em                              G    D
When the Johnnies get into power again, aha! Aha!
          Em                        Bm   G    B7
When the Johnnies get into power again, aha! Aha!
    G                      D                           C          B7
Our laws they'll jeer, our flags they'll flout, they'll turn our officers all out
          G   D    Em    B7       Em          D    Em
And we'll all wear gray, when the Johnnies get into power

Oh wont they hold a jubilee Aha Aha!
The darkeys they'll no more be free, Aha! Aha!
We'll pay their claims, we'll foot their bills, we'll toe the mark or make our wills
And we'll all wear gray, when the Johnnies get into power

Jeff Davis' name they'll loudly praise, Aha! Aha!
And Lincoln's tomb will be disgraced, Aha! Aha!
Our nation's flag will lose its stars, its stripes they'll change to rebel bars
And we'll all wear gray when the Johnnies get into power

You bet that day of jubilee, Hurrah! Hurrah!
The Johnnies never more will see, Hurrah Hurrah!
We have the pluck, the Yankee wit, we'll make the gray-backed rebels 'git'
And we'll all be born fools, If the Johnnies get into power

Then cheer for Garfield, three times three, Hurrah! Hurrah!
For Arthur, too, and victory, Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll put them in, there is no doubt, we'll keep the gray-backed Johnnies out
And there'll be no day when the Johnnies get into power

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