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Gypsy Davy came over the hills,
Down thro the valleys shady,
He whistled and sang till the wild woods rang,
And he won the heart of a lady.

cho: Ah de doo ah de day ah de day dee,
He whistled and he sang till the wold(sic)woods rang,
And he won the heart of a lady.

My lord returning late at night,
Asking for his lady,
The servants said, "She's out of door,
She's gone with the Gypsy Davy."

Oh, saddle to me my jet black steed,
The brown one is not so speedy;
Oh saddle to me my jet black steed,
I'll off and find my lady!

He sought her up, he sought her down,
Thro woods and valleys shady,
He sought her down by the waterside,
And there he found his lady.

What made you leave your house and home?
What made you leave your baby?
What made you leave your own wedded lord
To go with the Gypsy Davy?

I never loved my house and home,
I never loved my baby,
I never loved my own wedded lord
As I love the Gypsy Davy.

From Dorothy Scarborough's book A SONG CATCHER IN THE SOUTHERN MOUNTAINS, publis
hed in 1937, pp. 224-225. Dorothy Scarborough says: "Margaret Widdemer gave me
the words and music for another account of the elopement. She wrote, "This is a
variant of the RAGGLE-TAGGLE GYPSIES, evidently. It was given to me orally by Mr
s. Margaret Leamy, who learned it as a child in Ireland. It is a lullaby, as is
clear not only from the refrain, but from the interesting reproach in the last s
--- Scarborough does not give a tune for this version. The verses are very simil
ar to the version from Maine. Perhaps the Maine version was based on an earlier
Irish version. Both predate the Maguire version, especially if the Maine version
comes from the 1860's or 70's. The one from Scarborough/Leamy would probably da
te from about the same period.

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