(Gordon Lightfoot)

CHO: Oh, the prettiest time in her life,
The most wonderful years in her life,
No one must see her poor heart grieve,
In the prettiest time in her life,
The most wonderful years in her life.

Young man, don't go to Dallas today,
Young man, take heed what I say,
Take heed lest the hopes and the dreams be torn,
In the prettiest time in her life.

In Dallas town there waits another man,
With different views and different plans,
Beware of him thy young life to spare,
In the prettiest time in her life.

Wait not for the sun to rise again,
Wait not for warning from your men,
Beloved is the one who waits by her side,
In the prettiest time of her life.

I was working at the Old Town Folklore Center in Chicago---1965 or
66---connected to the Old Town School Of Folk Music. A NEW singer
named Gordon Lightfoot was in town to play at a folk club called Mother
Blues. Chicago audiences had turned on to G.L.'s music because Bob
Gibson was singing his songs around town. A friend named Guy Guilbert,
brought the audition recording Gordon had sent to the club, into the shop
for me to hear. (That floppy LP only had 4 songs on it.) This was one of
them! AT

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