DigiTrad: AMANECER (Daybreak )

AMANECER (Daybreak )
(Tish Hinojosa)

Amanacer, suo inquieto se va
(Daybreak, restless sleep leaves you)
Entre tinieblas de ayer despiertas
(Between obsure thoughts of yesterday)
Vez la maana nacer
(And see the birth of the morning)
Aquel amor lejos de ti estara
(That love may be far from you)
Entre recuerdos la pasa
(In memories the night passes)
Lagrimas por mi seran
(Are those tears for me?)

cho: Te cantar un verso
(I'll sing you a verse)
Llenando el silencio de su soledad
(To fill the silence of your lonliness)
Simple melodia deseando a tu vida
(Simple melody to wish your life)

Cancin de amor a la salida del sol
(A song of love to the rising sun)
Un aquarela pintadndo el cielo
(Watercolors painting the sky)
Este regalo te doy
(This gift I give you)
Mi corazon siempre estar junto a ti
(My heart will always be by your side)
De magdruga mi sueo sabe
(At dawn my dream knows)
Que ests pensando de mi
(That you're thinking of me)

Copyright Tish Hinojosa
@Spanish @love
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